Oh huh hoh man....even The Politico is bailing on Obama. Pretty sweet.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning. It smells like….victory.

The Politico’s Roger Simon is having a very big bowl of cry baby soup this morning and I just want to pull up a chair and break out the popcorn.
Like the song says Rog’, breaking up is hard to do.

So sad.
Obama, the one-term president.

I am not saying Obama is not smart; he is as smart as a whip. I am just saying he does not understand what savvy first-term presidents need to understand:

You have to stay on message, follow the polls, listen to your advisers (who are writing the message and taking the polls) and realize that when it comes to doing what is right versus doing what is expedient, you do what is expedient so that you can get reelected and do what is right in the second term. If at all possible. And it will help your legacy. And not endanger the election of others in your party. And not hurt the brand. Or upset people too much.

The guy is having a break down because his boy Obama is going down in flames and dragging EVERYBODY with him. Oh man it feels good to be alive.
It has finally settled in on the lefties.
Obama sucks as a president and they are going to get wiped out in November in the most humiliating way possible and we are all going to be laughing and high fiving each other at their pain.
This is awesome.
Can you smell the fear…?
It has dawned on them that the next presidential election the whole country will swing back to red.

The House, the Senate and the White House could all be in the hands of those evil Republicans.

Poor Roger is in such a snit today that he is practically speaking in tongues.

A recent CNN poll found that 68 percent of Americans do not want a mosque built close to ground zero. Which should mean: End of story. That’s all she wrote. Let’s move on to the next crisis.

It appears, however, that at least on this occasion, Obama does not care what the polls say.

Apparently Roger has forgotten that same number of people were opposed to the stimulus, auto company bailouts and Obamacare but we never got ” End of story. That’s all she wrote. Let’s move on to the next crisis.”
A few paragrahs down he was also mumbling how Obama was a former Constitutional professor although no one ever seems to remember being in his class.

People if you want a good laugh this morning go and read the rest of the article.
Roger is bummin’ out.

That’s a shame.

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