A quick question. Won't they need a lot of UNION labor to build the Ground Zero mosque...?

It is New York after all.
I know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the proposed construction of the mosque at Ground Zero and for the record I strongly oppose it because I see it as muslim extremists marking their territory and building a trophy right where it will sting the most.
They know damn well it sticks a finger in the eye of New Yorkers and America in general and don’t ever let anyone tell you different
Community outreach my backside.
I guess lefties like it because of the community organizing aspect and the fact that it takes a big steamy pi$$ on America.
Any politician (Like Bloomberg) who supports this is an absolute disgrace who should be driven out of office as soon as possible.
I guess that means I am a racist and an intolerant religiphobe.
Sound it out phonetically.
You’ll figure it out.

So I’m sitting here thinking about all those people who will be quite rightly offended by this mosque and I’m thinking how can they still be allowed to build it….?
I mean after all, aren’t the rest of us supposed to forgo any public mention of God, Christ, religion(Christianity only), prayer, pro-life stuff, Jesus, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, sports teams named after indian stuff or anything heterosexual because it might offend someone, anyone , some unnamed person who might be horribly offended that someone might display an act of American culture in …America ?
I mean geez…think about it. School kids cannot sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial because the U.S.Park Service must absolutely be neutral when it comes to disgusting displays of patriotism but a group of muslims can build a mosque right at Ground Zero and we are all supposed to just swallow it.
Would those same U.S. Park Police have stopped a group of muslim students if they suddenly bowed to the ground toward Mecca….?
I wonder.
The Mojave Cross was cut down and stolen in the middle of the night by vandals after the Supreme Court said it could stay.
A new cross was erected in it’s place but National Park rangers removed it.
Can’t have that divisive symbol of Christ that is a war memorial to dead soldiers on public land now can we…?
Why is it that lefties will completely ignore the real and genuine offense of hundreds, thousands, or even more but will elevate to the levels of endangered bald eagles the hypothetical possible offense of what….one person ?
The right never ever stuffs anything down the throats of liberals the way they stuff their political correct BS up our backside.
Homosexual activists can invade our schools and teach little grade school kids how not to “get dooky on your shirt tails” and that is just fine and in fact that is a pre-requisite to becoming a safe schools czar. Dooky free shirts for everybody….YAAAY!!!
Try to say a simple prayer before a football game or at a graduation and the ACLU and their govt. funded pinko lawyers will sue you so fast it will make your head spin.
It’s so bad that a teacher could probably wear a golden swastika crescent before they would be allowed to wear a golden cross in class.
I don’t think I exaggerate….much.
Try espousing your christian beliefs on a college campus with the same vigor that any anti-war group, an abortion rights group or some sort of GLBT or what other new type of gender group you can think of does openly, proudly and loudly and you will be driven off the campus and probably expelled.
In those cases lefties have no problem with someone being offended but they would bend over backwards to make sure you can’t get a ham sandwich or a pork chop or a friggin’ slice of bacon in the student cafeteria during the month of Ramadan.
I think I have made my point on which direction the sensitivity shown toward those who would be offended flows. Brother …it ain’t to the right.

But I digress.

Getting back to this mosque thing.
The people who want to build the mosque are being absolutely welcomed with open arms by Mayor Bloomberg and the city council and the landmarks committee and all the lefties. Mosques at Ground Zero are A-OK !
Rebuilding the Twin Towers like before….eh…not so much.

So who exactly is going to raze the old building ?
Who will disconnect all the old electrical and plumbing fixtures to make it ready for demolition.
Who will operate the cranes that demolish the old facade ?
Who will truck away the rubble.

Who will dig the hole for the new foundation and pour the new footings and foundation ?
Who will truck the concrete ?
Who will erect the new steel frame to build a monument to the Prophet Muhammed 13 stories tall ?
Who will plumb it ?
Who will wire it and install the hv/ac ?
Who will hang all the drywall and paint all the walls…?
Who will build the new beautiful grand oh so reaching out in peace mosque at ground zero….?

Union labor.
That’s who.
The hard working number one special interest of the left.
Hey…it’s jobs right?
The new mosque can grow towards the sky right next to the new crappy ass chicken sh1t towers at Ground Zero.
Which will be completed first ?
Be patient people.
It’s only been ten years for the new WTC and this mosque thing has only just begun so if they build their towers before we build our towers don’t sweat it.
We had to build out towers with everybody else in mind and show some sensitivity.

Ugh…for the love of Allah.