I feel safer already. Israeli security has four guns stolen at airport.

Nice going TSA.

Four handguns belonging to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security officials are believed to have been stolen after American Airlines workers at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York lost luggage belonging to the bodyguards, WNBC TV reported Tuesday.

The suitcase was eventually discovered in Los Angeles, but the four guns were missing — and police believe they were taken.

The bag was supposed to be on a flight to Washington, D.C., where Netanyahu met with President Obama at the White House.

Authorities were investigating whether the guns were taken in New York or Los Angeles.

American Airlines did not comment on the incident.

Oh ain’t that nice…?
No…not really.
I know at first that this might seem funny and all that one of the best security forces in the world had their weapons stolen (9mm Glocks) but if you think about what it really means then it ain’t so funny.
They were stolen at a U.S. international airport. Most likely JFK in New York. Most likely by an airline employee.
All on his own….? Who knows.

Let’s just for a moment not focus on the obvious national security threat that 4 easily concealable 9mm Glocks

    that may or may not

still be inside a supposed secure area of a frickin’ international airport but instead focus on what the mechanics of the crime could have been.
We aren’t talking about a group of duck hunters flying to Pennsylvania here. We are talking about the security detail of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.
Isn’t there some sort of security protocol for events such as this ?
Wasn’t airport security made aware of their special status ?
How could their guns be stolen…?

Think about it for a moment.
They check their bags. It goes on the conveyor through the plastic strip curtain and into the handling area. Only a handful of people could have possibly had access to that bag.
Even less would have had the privacy to open that bag and remove four pistols and either hide them until later or pass them off to someone else.
How did they know the bag had weapons in it…?
Was it because it was scanned or were the baggage handlers alerted from the ticket counter ?
I would have to assume that an Israeli security guy with four weapons in his luggage had a pretty good bag that no doubt was locked.
Opening that bag is not something I assume can be done too quickly.
Who would be able to do that without being seen?
Also the bag was put onto a different flight.
An honest mistake…? Maybe.
Damn convenient if you are a gun thief ?

I gotta’ say it.
This bothers me.
Only a handful of people could have stolen those weapons and they are all working in secured areas. Don’t they have security cameras in there for for Pete’s sake ?
Only someone who has a very intimate and familiar knowledge of the security back in luggage handling could pull this off.
As our good friend, VP Joe Bite Me would say.
“This is a big f()[king deal”

If the “authorities” who are investigating this can’t wrap this up in a week then they couldn’t find a dog poop in an elevator.
If I find out that this is just a local police matter I’m going to be pissed REALLY PISSED !!!
I want the Dept. of Homeland Security and the damn FBI in there ripping that place apart for those weapons.
I want each and every single person who even sees the luggage interviewed.
I want lie detectors performed.
I want dogs sniffing stuff and I don’t mean the backside of another dog.
I want somebody arrested for this and I mean pronto Tonto.
If they do not catch the person or persons…(plural) then that will be a security disgrace
that somehow will make me feel aaahh…not so safe.

Think about it this way people.
We are not talking about somebody’s cell phone or digital camera.
We are talking about 4 very dangerous weapons that might somehow end up near…Oh I don’t know...A COCKPIT !!!

I don’t know for sure who is in charge of finding those weapons. With this administration I wouldn’t be surprised if they put an SEIU New Black Panther muslim in charge. That is of course if they are still even investigating it. With this team of bloodhounds running security nowadays who knows.

Keep in mind this little parting thought to help you sleep better tonight.
Anyone who has the capability to steal 4 Glock 9’s out of an Israeli security agent’s bag undetected could also add something to that same bag….undetected.
Just saying….