The ten other things of non-value offered to Joe Sestak by Bill Clinton.

Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak ignited a firestorm when he claimed he was offered a high profile job with the Obama administration to drop out of the Senate primary race against Arlen Specter because that would be illegal if true.
The Obama administration has claimed that no laws have been broken because they say that Sestak was not offered anything of value but only a non-paid position on a Presidential advisory board so everything is fine.
The deal was supposedly offered by former president Bill Clinton and rejected Sestak claims but what is not as widely known is that the advisory position was not the only thing of non-value offered to Sestak to try and persuade him.
Through my confidential contacts I have obtained the approved list of the other ten things of non-value Sestak was offered to drop out.

1. Personally autographed copies of Dreams of my father and The Audacity of hope.

2. The deluxe Blu-Ray edition DVD of An Inconvenient Truth with an added foreword by Al Gore.

3. 4 tickets to Real Time with Bill Maher.

4. 1,000 shares of Chrysler stock.

5. 50% ownership of Newsweek.

6. Naked pictures of Clinton’s wife Hillary.

7. Farm land in California’s central valley.

8. A weekend sleepover at the White House in the Alinsky bedroom.

9. Michelle Obama’s own personal gardening secrets.

10. A pledge by Barack Obama to come to Pennsylvania and campaign for him.

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