Something funny is going on with this oil spill.

Call me crazy but I’m starting to get suspicious.
This spill has all the trappings of the worst spill ever except for the oil spill part.
Where is the damn oil….?
People….it is coming up on almost three weeks since the worst oil spill that the U.S. has ever seen since the dawn of man but for the life of me I can’t seem to get a good look at any of damage from this non-stop gusher that is supposed to be destroying the Gulf coast seafood industry as we know it.

Have any of you seen it yet…?

Where are the blackened beaches?
Where are the dead fish ?
Where is that damn slick ?
Is it sneaking up on the coast disguised as bright blue water….?
I have yet to see any real evidence of this ecological disaster and I am sure that you have not either.

NeoKong….come on. It’s on the news every night.

Yes it is. But what do they show you…?
Have you actually seen a wide screen shot of the slick or is it the same little close shot patch of oil that you see every night ?

I’m not so sure NeoKong. They were showing some oil near a beach just the other day. There must’ve been dozens of gallons

Is that a fact ?
What beach ?
If the oil was so close to some precious pristine wild life natural wonder then where were all the people there to clean it up…?
Did you see anybody cleaning it up ?

Take it easy NeoKong. The oil just got to shore. They need time.
Time…? Time you say.
Three weeks wasn’t enough time to get a boom near that little beach you saw a five second clip of.
Where is everybody.
Where is the army of people mobilized to clean that oil ?
I thought they were tracking it constantly.
Have you seen one single person cleaning up one drop of oil anywhere yet ?

I’m just asking some simple questions here people.
Where is the damn oil….?
I have spent the whole afternoon scouring the internet looking for any signs of oil related disaster and I cannot find it.

NeoKong….you’re talking crazy. Why then are there so many people working on it then…?

You cannot show me that.
You are told that there are many people working on a spill but have you actually seen it yet.
Have you actually seen...oil ?

Of course I have seen some oil NeoKong. It was that brownish looking spiral tendril thing that they show real close for like three seconds. They show a couple of little boats in some water that looked like it had a sheen on it but I don’t know where it was. Why ?

Fair enough. I too have seem some oil but admit it. You have not seen anything yet that has made you gasp and say “Oh my god…that’s a lot of oil” . Have you ?

Do you know what else you have not seen ?
You have not seen any ships or booms capturing oil either. You may have heard reports of it but you have not actually seen it yet with your own eyes.

Do you have two minutes ?
Let me show you something.
This is a video audio of an AP reporter named Gerald Herbert who claims to be at the site of the Deepwater explosion. I got it from the Times Picayune website.
No video. Only audio.
He does not give you the name of the ship he is on.
He does not tell you the name of one single person he has spoken to.
He does not even show a pictured of the damaged rig.
A rig that you have not seen yet for some reason.
He offers no details. He gives no fresh information. He does not show one single photo of any oil collection operation at all.
He tells us he is eating well and being treated well as if he is a prisoner of war and ends the video by showing beautiful sunsets and a single bird .
He will tell you that even though he is right there has does not really know what is going on because no one will tell him.
It was surreal.
There is not one single scrap of information in the entire report.
He even admits that he is out there all alone as there is no other media there.
Scroll down to the second video.
It is about a minute long.
You need to watch it and then tell me if you learned one single thing.

Why isn’t there any other media there…?
Is it a classified operation or something ?
Do you need clearance to be there.
Why aren’t a dozen helicopters showing you that burnt out wreck every thirty minutes on your T.V.
Think about it.
You have not actually seen any footage of the oil rig that shows it’s condition today.
I would think that might actually be newsworthy don’t you.
Is the fire out ?
Is anyone on the rig ?
Is it still floating ?

Where is the information ?

Ok. Let’s move on.
The containment box. The containment box they have been showing for a week now that was to cover the main break in the pipeline. The 100 ton containment box that now has supposedly failed.
What happened.
Apparently it is now clogged with ice.
Isn’t this the Gulf of Mexico ?
Where did all the ice come from.

A BP PLC official is saying ice like crystals formed inside of an oil containment box when it was placed over a massive oil leak and that crews have had to move the contraption away to study the problem.

Oh that’s just great.

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO — Crews planned Sunday to park the giant oil containment box on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, and offload equipment that could be used in a new attempt to stem the flow of crude gushing into the sea.

So now the damn thing is just sitting there useless and I guess they have to start over now with something else.
Why can’t they just raise it and clean it out ?

Crews planned to secure the containment box about 1,600 feet (490 meters) from the massive leak site, much farther away from where it was placed Saturday after icelike crystals clogged the top when it was over the leak, according to a daily activity sheet reviewed by The Associated Press.

So let me get this straight. Not only are they not going to raise it, they have moved it a quarter of a mile away. They can move it sideways but not up and down.
Apparently the methane gas comes out in crystal form and plugged the hole in the top of the bell and they were worried that the gas was going to make it buoyant or some thing.
It weighs 100 tons and they are worried about it floating.

Company and Coast Guard officials had cautioned that icelike hydrates, a slushy mixture of gas and water, would be one of the biggest challenges to the containment box plan, and their warnings proved accurate. The crystals clogged the opening in the top of the peaked box, BP’s Suttles said, like sand in a funnel, only upside-down.

Options under consideration included raising the box high enough that warmer water would prevent the slush from forming, or using heated water or methanol. Even as officials pondered their next move, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said she must continue to manage expectations of what the containment box can do.

NeoKong…don’t submarines float…?
Not if you have a gaping hole in the bottom of one.
No amount of gas would raise it.
How come the gas doesn’t clog the pipeline but once it goes through he water it clogs the containment bell.
Why can’t they just leave it there then and cap the break with it…?
Why do they have to move it so far.
Why are they shutting down a huge area of ocean to everybody.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced today it will be closing recreational and commercial fishing in further areas of state waters as a precautionary response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

This action expands the previously announced emergency commercial and recreational fishing closure to include an area of the state’s territorial sea west of the Mississippi River to Point au Fer and the beaches that border any of the closed areas.

It is as if they don’t want any witnesses to what is going on.

Look…I will be the first one to say that I don’t have all the answers to the question I have posed.
But it is not because I am not looking for them.
The information is not available. Only the sort of filler information free news blurbs that they spit out once an hour.

You want another good one…?
Read this.

The spot where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank now teems with vessels working on containing the rogue well. There are 15 boats and large ships at or near the site — some being used in an ongoing effort to drill a relief well, considered a permanent if weeks-away fix.

It sank ?
If it sank then how come the bottom of the ocean where they need to do all this work isn’t covered by a twisted wreck the size of an aircraft carrier.
If they have so many robotic cameras then why can’t we see it ?

Read this too.

There was a renewed sense of urgency as balls of tar, some the size of golfballs, washed up Saturday on Dauphin Island, three miles (five kilometers) off the Alabama mainland at the mouth of Mobile Bay and much farther east than the thin, rainbow sheens that have arrived sporadically in the Louisiana marshes.

Sounds bad huh…?
Keep reading.

About a half dozen tar balls had been collected by Saturday afternoon at Dauphin Island, Coast Guard chief warrant officer Adam Wine said in Mobile, and crews in protective clothing patrolled the beach for debris. Authorities planned to test the substance but strongly suspected it came from the oil spill.

Are you kidding me ?
There is a “renewed sense of urgency” because an amount of oil that wouldn’t even fill a Big Gulp cup at the 7-11 has washed ashore.
They could clean that up with a five year old and a plastic pail and shovel.

Something funny is going on with this “spill”.
The next time you watch a report on it pay closer attention to the details.

I’ll just say it.
What if the spill isn’t really a spill but something else …?

Uh hoh geez NeoKong…you’re treading on thin crystallized methane gas ice there buddy.

Has anyone of you ever heard of the Glomar Explorer…?

USNS Glomar Explorer (T-AG-193) is a large ship currently being used as a deep-sea drilling platform. The vessel was built for a secret operation, Project Azorian (erroneously called Project Jennifer by the press), by the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division to recover a sunken Soviet submarine, K-129, which was lost in April 1968.[2][3]

It’s crazy I know.

Project Azorian.