Prediction: Crist will now become a media darling.

The lamestream media just love a Republican turncoat.
They loved it when Colin Powell endorsed Obama.
They loved it when all of McCain’s former campaign managers were dumping on Sarah Palin.
They made a media star out of Richard Clark when he was critical of how George Bush handled pre-911 intelligence.
Scott Ritter was some sort of weapon inspection god when he disagreed with the Bush administration on Saddam’s weapons stockpile.
Valerie Plame was the most important, secret and courageous CIA agent there ever was and our national security hung in the balance when she was “outed” by Karl Rove.
Every single former Bush administration person who wrote a book critical of George Bush got the morning show circuit tour.
Jim Jeffords was so courageous to jump ship and give the Senate to Democrats.
They could never get enough of Megan McCain criticizing Republicans.
The only reason anybody ever gave a rat’s butt about Levi Johnston was because he could embarrass Sarah Palin.

And now we have Charlie Crist.

Crist has bolted from the GOP because he cannot win the primary for U.S. Senate against Marco Rubio.
The media is going to put this guy on T.V. every single chance they get and make him a darling of leftie cable news.
Rachel Maddow has got to get that guy on her show.
Olbermann will applaud his honesty and courage.
Will Matthews get all tingly over him….?
Ed Schultz is going to love this man like he was his own father.
Anderson Cooper secretly yearns to be tea bagged by him.

They all despised Joe Lieberman when he ran as a independent and by federal statute Ralph Nader’s name must never ever be mentioned but somehow I think they will treat Crist a little different.

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