Does Obama really want to go to the Alamo over immigration...?

Hay carumba!

WASHINGTON, April 23 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Friday warned that without federal immigration reform the door would be open to “misguided efforts” such as a new Arizona law that has raised questions of civil rights.

Obama pressed for immigration reform at a White House Rose Garden ceremony in which 24 members of the U.S. military originally from China, Mexico, Ethiopia and other countries became American citizens.

Bring it.
Let me put it this way.
If Democrats were caught by surprise by the Tea Partiers and their strong and very angry vocal resistance to the health care deform bill then they won’t know what hit them on Nov.3rd if they have the stupidity to try and force through immigration reform before the midterm elections.
It will make their summer very long and muey caliente.

But Neokong….it’s the Hispanic vote.The most crucial vote there ever was.
Republicans can’t possibly go against it or they will be doomed…DOOMED I say!!!”

Sshh….ssshhhhh ,take it easy little amigo. Their vote isn’t so critical.
According to the Pew Research Center a whopping 67% of Hispanics voted for Barack Obama and 31% for John McCain which was a drop of nine percentage points from the 2004 election where George Bush managed to get 40%.
George Bush and John McCain led the charge for amnesty legislation in 2006 and still the Hispanics abandoned them for Barack Obama in 2008.
According to Pew they only made up 9% percent of the voting public so less than half of that is a mere 3% roughly.
Republicans cannot count on that vote so why bother to pander to it….?
It doesn’t seem to scare Jan Brewer in Arizona or the Republican state legislators and now even Mr. Amnesty himself John McCain who needs each and every single vote he can possibly get to win against staunch border security guy J.D. Hayworth.
Don’t sweat it.
The voters in Arizona overwhelmingly support the new law by a 70% margin. No Hispanic vote is going to overcome that.
If it doesn’t make a difference in a border state then it won’t make a difference nationally.
Obama and the Democrats may garner 100% of 9% but Republicans will get 100% of 70%.
For every vote the Democrats secure with amnesty they will lose two or three with independents and the general population.
For all their posturing I don’t even think Democrat voters will go for it.

I suspect that the same numbers will apply to Texas and New Mexico as well.
Even California won’t go for amnesty. In 1994 Californians voted overwhelmingly to deny state money for benefits and public education for illegal aliens with Prop 187. It was only stopped by a Federal Judge.
In the California Gubernatorial campaign Meg Whitman has overcome liberal Jerry Brown’s lead to become the leader in the race for Governor. The lead may be very small but she was way behind just a few months ago.
She is a supporter of strong enforcement on the border.She would also use the National Guard to secure the border and supports denying illegal aliens driver’s licenses.
Browns supports “reform”
To put it quite simply ,amnesty ain’t got no love in border town.
Especially when so many are out of work.
When Republicans tried it in 2006 the public burnt the phone lines with their anger and they lost their majorities soon after.
It will be less popular than gay marriage which by the way was C-R-U-S-H-E-D in California so do not assume that those voters will fold on a liberal issue.
California is hurting right now and if Barbara Boxer has to defend a position on amnesty her campaign slogan may as well be “Retire me now or I open the gate”.

Democrats will be making a huge mistake to bring this to a head so close to the midterm elections.
The last thing they need is for large groups of illegal aliens protesting in the streets, waving Mexican flags and calling potential voters all racists.
It will piss people off at a level that will go to their very soul.
It won’t be bonita.
If the Republicans will be against amnesty then the Democrats will naturally have to be for it.
That maybe popular with Hispanics and illegal aliens but it will not be a winning strategy with the general population.

” If you vote for me I will guarantee you that millions of illegal aliens will become instant citizens and can now bring their whole extended families here and receive govt. services.
Viva amnestia !!!”

That will float like a lead balloon.
Also the only way they can demonize those who oppose that position will be to call them racists which as we all know has been a failure on the Tea Party front. In fact it has made them angrier and stronger.
Insulting your way into office is never a winning strategy.
Handing out citizenship like it was so many sticks of gum will not endear Democrats to the voters either.
Make no mistake about it.
If the Democrats choose to push this issue before the November election it will be the only thing that voters hear.
It will be a loser.
If I may I would like to make a comparison.
Scott Brown won his election in Massachusetts because of one reason only.
He was going to be the 41st vote to stop Obamacare.
Nothing else. Although Obamacare was not on the ballot it was on the voters minds when they pulled the curtain closed.
They voted against it and gave the bluest seat in the country to a Republican because they were so mad at Democrats.
Amnesty will be even worse.
Democrats are going to get crushed in November because of their arrogance at ignoring the will of the voters and if they try it again it will be beyond a blood bath.
The voters will throw them in a blender and push puree.
How do you say sayonara in Spanish…?

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