Janet Reno Napolitano would like to remind you once again how dangerous Tea Partiers are.

Let’s see who commits an act of terror first.
Tea Partiers and those radicalized right-wingers or a muslim prison convert or a radicalized muslim.
Or maybe Sarah Palin.
I pick the radicalized muslim.
Janet picks the Tea Partier.
Be careful though. That Palin lady could go rogue on us at the drop of a hat and blow up the MSNBC building.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Napolitano: The Issue Is “Turn To Violence”

"The question is not ideology," she told Fox News in a wide-ranging and lengthy interview. "We’ve always had groups on all sides that have held beliefs that are very strong and express them very vociferously."

Instead, the issue is "the turn to violence," according to Napolitano, who, as U.S. Attorney for Arizona at the time, helped lead part of the federal investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing.

"Whenever you go to Oklahoma City, you need to go to the memorial, and you need to walk through that museum," she said Tuesday in a somber tone. "That will teach you the difference between those who are merely expressing themselves — loudly and with anger — and the violence that we must seek to prevent."

In March, federal authorities arrested nine militia members from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, accusing them of planning to kill law enforcement officers and start an all-out war with the government.

Yes…first they express themselves lawfully and peacefully by the tens of thousand all over the country and picking up their trash too and then the next thing you know they are packing trucks bombs with fertilizer and diesel fuel.
They probably even drink domestic beer and eat barbecue while they plot their evil deeds.
" Honey pie…can you hand me some more c-4….? The grill is dying out. "
I guess Janet didn’t get her message through the first time and in case you forgot crazy right-wingers are just itching to blow something up.
Bill Clinton told us too and so did FBI Director Mueller the other day.
Just to be sure MSNBC ran a two hour special last night called the McVeigh Tapes where they digitally recreated Timothy McVeigh in all sorts of scenarios and dubbed his voice in so we can all feel the McVeigh experience.
No word yet on when we get to listen to the Nidal Hasan tapes.
They must still be working on it.
In fact I also wouldn’t mind listening to the Waco/Reno tapes to hear all about how the the third biggest murder of American citizens occurred at the hands of Bill Clinton and the Reno Justice Dept.
I’d settle for the Reno blackmail tapes.

In in case you didn’t know Janet Napolitano also thinks anyone who goes to a Tea Party is also a racist hating on the black guy in the White House.

She also said she agrees "in part" with the line saying, "The economic downturn and the election of the first African-American president present unique drivers for right-wing radicalization and recruitment."

After all, she said, "Those are things that we in law enforcement are dealing with all the time."

But, she said, the assessment issued a year ago was "not written in a fashion that was usable by local law enforcement."

"I think now, having been in the job 15 months, the goal that we need to have is to give local law enforcement tactical intelligence-based threat information that they can act upon — not generalizations and not comments about ideologies," she said. "There is a balance there, and there is a nuance there that our department now needs to not only express but communicate with local law enforcement."

We need to make it easier to arrest people and charge them with terrorism near the upcoming election.
Like the big scary Hutaree Militia.
Only the story has seemed to run out of steam.
We aren’t even going to try them in New York in the open so their arrests can’t be used as recruiting tools to others named Bubba.
Aren’t they real life bonafide homegrown domestic terrorists….?
They should be at gitmo.
They didn’t even get some scum bag ponytailed left-wing pinko lawyer to defend them yet.
Where is the ACLU…?
Even Bill Ayers won’t give them the time of day. He could at least offer them a guest lecturer series at the University of Chicago.
Not even Sean Penn went to visit them to smell the air or whatever it is he likes to sniff.
I mean seriously …how much of a threat could these guys have been if even the NYT’s wasn’t willing to out the undercover operation that got them arrested ?
What happened to the story on the deadly secret elite crack militia murder kill teams of the Hutaree Militia…?

The Obama/Axelrod corrupt media has latched on to the Rep. Lewis spittle/n-word story like pitbulls on crack even thought they don’t have a shred of evidence. Three weeks later they still talk about it.
The Hutaree Militia….eh not so much.
At least on this story they actually have some photos and actual arrests to point to.
The story died.
Why ?
Put it this way.
Look at them. I would bet that they if they put their heads together they could barely light a fart out of their butts but somehow Janet Reno Napolitano manged to round them up.
If you haven’t heard much of this lately it might be because even though the Obama/Axelrod corrupt media are in an absolute snit to find some crazy right-wingers that maybe these guys aren’t them.
If they were they would have gotten the Wasilla treatment and swarms of media would have descended on their town and scraped up every crazy right wing nugget they could find going all the way back to their kindergarden days where they allegedly plotted to stomp ketchup packets in the boys bathroom.
Something tells me that this national security touchdown might fizzle out as we find out that all their plans of murder might have been just some drunken campfire talk in between some belching contests.
The media girly men were more frightened of Sarah Palin using the words "target" and "re-load" than they ever were of these guys.
It’s probably because they are still haunted by the image of her in her overalls as she stood amidst the killing fields of the turkey farm and didn’t bat an eye as the blood curdling shrieks of the innocent turkeys being savagely beheaded showed that she can be a stone cold killer.
"And, you know, the thing about Palin is… she’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When she comes at ya,she doesn’t seem to be livin’…

Farewell to thee my fine Spanish lady……"

I will agree with Napolitano on one thing however.

When read some less-controversial lines from the assessment, Napolitano said she agrees that "the threat posed by lone wolves and small terror cells is more pronounced than in past years," and that "the current economic and political climate has some similarities to the [early] 1990s," which led to the Oklahoma City bombing.

This is a lot like the climate in the 90’s
We have another pair of radical left-wing lawyers who lied their way into the White House by running to the right and promising tax cuts who then completely flipped to the left and turned the weight of the Justice Dept on American citizens.
Only this time it’s worse.

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