MSNBC suspends David Shuster "indefinitely".....HA HA!!!!!

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer jerk.
Hey Dave….how are you enjoying the wages of disloyalty….?

Read for yourself and have a good laugh.

MSNBC said Tuesday that it had suspended for an indefinite period one of its highest-profile anchors, David Shuster. The decision came days after the revelation that Mr. Shuster had participated in a test of a new show for CNN, a competing cable news channel.
David Shuster, an anchor on MSNBC, recently participated in a test of a new show for CNN.Virginia Sherwood David Shuster, an anchor on MSNBC, was suspended for participating in a CNN pilot.

An MSNBC spokesman provided no further information Tuesday morning.

The MSNBC president, Phil Griffin, and other executives were said to be furious when they found out about the test through a New York Observer article Friday morning.

Mr. Shuster’s contract at MSNBC is set to expire at the end of this year, which raised questions about the appropriateness of the CNN test.

Well well well….it’s looks like ol’ Dave isn’t as hot a commodity as he thought.
Suspended indefinitely….?
That kinda’ sounds like fired most definitely.
I sure hate to be gloating at David’s time of crisis but all I can think right now is haHAHaHAHAAhhahaaHhaah……(wipes tear)

Being a big fish in a little mud puddle must have gone to Shuster’s head because he thought it might be time to move upward and onward so he shoots an audition with MSNBC’s rival CNN.
Big no no.
I guess Dave thought that when his contract was up for renewal that he was gonna’ bargain hard because he has other prospects and if they want him at MSNBC they had better pay him good.
CNN is hot for him you know because I guess they don’t have enough leftie White House rumpswabs at CNN. They need to hire one more.

You know why this is beautiful to me….?
It’s because Shuster get’s big bucks to spew the crap he does did at MSNBC and he probably thought he was some sort of cable news god.
Well Monday he found out that he wasn’t and MSNBC can get by without him.
They could replace him with the men’s room attendant and nobody would notice.
He had better hope that CNN was serious about giving him a job because he might have to descend from the heavens and now live amongst the po’ folk now.
I mean really…if he can’t spew his left wing crap on T.V. all day then what the hell else could he do…?
He’s bleeped.

Ahhhhh Hhaaaaaahhhhh….