Charles Johnson posts an obvious photoshop to try and smear Tea Partiers.

Pathetic with a capital P.
This guy puts the z in loozer.

Chuckie posted this today with the obvious intent to paint the Tea Partiers as dumb hillbilly racist redneck birthers or something.
He titled it Teabonics Illustrated.
No commentary. Just the photo.
It looks photoshopped to me.
Hey….maybe I’m wrong.
You tell me.


It looks fishy to me.


Look at arrow one. It is pointing to something in the middle of the board that appears blurry yet the black writing is crystal clear and appears almost to be floating independent of the sign board.

Now look at arrow two. Can you see what looks like a whitish halo around the birther bumper sticker ? I clearly see it and once again it (the sticker) is crystal clear while the sign it is on is slightly blurry and faded and what is that dark black shadow to the bottom right?
I have never seen a shadow that can completely black out something. Where is the corner…?

Now look at arrow three. There is a definite albeit fine black border to that sign that to me makes it look super imposed as the objects even close to it again appear out of focus.

Now examine the sign board itself. It appears to be made of some sort of cheap wall paneling by the looks of the light wood grain. The edges are perfect as there are no splintered edges that would be visible if someone cut it to size in their garage.
Examine the black writing itself. It just looks phony to me.
Notice how the photo is taking up the whole screen and there is not a wider angle shot to show the sign pole or the person holding it.
Surely Chuckie would want to show the obviously under educated hillbilly right-winger neanderthal who is holding the sign now wouldn’t he…?
How else could we see his toothless grin, his CAT Diesel hat or his NRA t-shirt…?

Where did this photo come from…?
Chuckie offers no explanation.
What rally?
What day?
What location?
Who took it?
No explanation.

And finally, are we to believe that someone made and brought that ridiculous sign to some sort of Tea Party rally and no one even noticed or told the guy his sign was spelled wrong?
This stinks to high heaven and Chuckie ought to be ashamed of himself.
I call foul.
It seems now that every left-wing site now has to prove their loyalty to the Axelrod led corrupt media crime family by posting some sort of lame and easily disproved hoax about racism, violence or vandalism attributed to the Tea Partiers and this was Chuckie’s lame ass contribution.
Pretty sad for the guy who busted Dan Rather on his phony TANG story.

Hey who knows….maybe I’m wrong.