Memo to the media and Democrats. All that violence and and anger directed at Democrats ain't OUR fault.

Trying to blame it on Republicans is a nice try but maybe you need to place the blame where it deserves to be placed.
On Democrats.
This is your tactic.
Democrats lie, cheat, and steal their way into the most unconstitutional law ever passed aimed at seizing 1/6th of the U.S. economy and seriously erode our personal freedoms with YOUR HELP and now you try to blame all the anger and alleged violence aimed at Democrats on Republicans….?
Pretty ballsy.
Nice try but it ain’t going to work.
You guys and all your little hero courageous Democrats own this boondoggle turd lock stock and barrel.
Now eat it.
You made your beds and now you have to lie in them.
It isn’t up to the Republican party to soothe the anger of the American people that you lied to, ignored and insulted for a whole year.
It isn’t the fault of the Republican party that millions of Americans are beside themselves with anger and have chose to express it verbally and sometimes with a brick.
That fault would lie with…you guys.

We tried to tell you not to do it.
We protested in Washington by the millions right past your windows at the Capitol Building.
We sent you cards and letters and e-mail by the tens of millions.
We screamed out at the top of our lungs.
NO NO NO!!!!
Did you all listen….?
You laughed at us.
You insulted us.
You ignored us.
You called us ignorant. You called us astroturfing nazis.
You completely shut Republicans out of the process and crafted it behind closed doors.
You the Democrats in Congress have spit right in the face of millions and millions of Americans and now you have the gall to place the blame for all the anger and outrage at the feet of Republicans, Conservatives, talk radio and the Republican party…?
Oh that’s a good one.
It’s our fault huh?
Sorry kiddies but you brought this upon yourselves and now comes the consequences of your actions.
I know that liberals don’t like consequences. That is the core of your whole philosophy.
Participate in whatever bad behavior or poor judgement you want because there should never be any consequences of your actions but that is just a ideological fantasy.
There are always consequences and now you are experiencing them.
Maybe when you media types ask poor Louise Slaughter and Bart Stupak about all the threats of violence they are receiving maybe you can take a moment to ask Mr. Stupak about all the pro-life voters he betrayed or Louise Slaughter how she has no problem shredding the Constitution.
Remember the Constitution….?
You were so concerned about it when Bush was President but now….eh.. not so much
So in short:
Stop blaming the GOP for your troubles.
Stop begging Republicans to defuse the anger.
Stop crying about all the anger and asking the Republican party to jump in and defend you .
You’re on your own.
This is your baby.
Good luck with that we will see you in November.