It begins. All three networks lead with stories of violence against Democrats.

Here comes the Axelrod led/MSM coordinated media campaign to silence Republicans.
I was just clicking back and forth between ABC , CBS , and NBC and all three led with the exact same stories, people and images of angry pro-lifers and Tea Partiers against Bart Stupak and the Democrats who voted for Obamacare.

They all played angry phone messages which they attributed to Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Pro-lifers directed towards Bart Stupak. They did not attribute one single quote to a real person but just assigned it to millions of people who disapproved of Stupak’s vote.
Then at the same time all three were showing broken windows at Congressional offices that were naturally attributed to Conservatives even though not one single person has been charged or arrested.

They were all using the same language. The same words and the same theme. Those angry hillbillies are out of control. Violence, fear anger and pro-life were all common words throughout the three reports.
It was as if they were all reading from the same script.
The only people interviewed were those who were “scared” or “concerned” and it was all sympathetic to beleaguered Democrats who are obviously in fear of their lives from the anti health care foes.
After showing all the broken glass and angry mobs and highlighting all the possible danger that Democrats may face CBS actually had the gall to report a poll that showed since passage Obamacare is gaining in popularity.
They then went on to show Harry Reid all perplexed that Republicans would even try to hold up the health care bill that Americans so desperately need. He was beside himself that Republicans would actually hold things up because under the plan convicts can receive Viagra in prison.
He actually complained about it.
And finally they showed at the end Ohio Rep. John Boehner defending himself and the party as if he somehow had to point out that he disapproves of the violence.
CBS even managed to attributed some of the violence to Sarah Palin because she told people to speak up using the words “reload” and “target” in her comments.
What a clip job.

Well here we go people. If you thought the propaganda was bad before you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Once again the media wing of the DNC (the MSM) have embarked on a major propaganda campaign to affect public and political discourse.
Why wouldn’t they….?
It has worked so well so many times.
They serve their new master Barack Obama.
Do not expect to hear about the corruption. Do not expect to hear about how Obama is wrecking the economy.
Do not expect to hear about the lies that are told or the sleazy back room deals that are the staple of liberal Democrats.
Don’t expect to hear about the new tax increases or all the govt. spending.
Those subjects are forbidden to speak of.
If the last year has showed us anything it is that news organizations have no problem telling an obvious lie or deal in deception or just ignore any story that may hurt their cause.
Remember ACORN ?
It’s incestuous.
I am convinced that on a daily basis David Axelrod picks up the telephone and talks to media big shots and they coordinate how the nightly newscast will go.
“No problem Axel” is the response. We got your back. Don’t worry.

I cannot stress this enough.
If the Republican party does not get it’s media act together and start speaking as a single group with only certain people being the approved faces and spokespeople then they will separated and divided and discredited one by one.

Get it together GOP. Your enemy is the media.
You have learn to present a unified front and learn how to go around the MSM to get your message out.
You just got slimed tonight big time.
Expect the same thing on all the morning shows and on The View tomorrow as well.
It’s a certainty.
It’s only going to get worse.