Eleanor Clift is off her meds. She thinks Obama can be a liberal Ronald Reagan.

I know she’s a flaming leftie but her detachment from reality is stunning. It’s as if she lives in an alternate reality where the millions of people protesting in the streets are screaming for more govt.

Forgive me. I must link to Newsweek

One of the reasons health-care reform does so badly in polls is President Obama’s gift for finding the sweet spot where he can get hammered by the left and the right. Liberals who think the bill before Congress doesn’t go far enough are lumped in with Republicans who don’t want any bill at all. After a year of haggling, Obama is left with a measure that Republicans circa 1993 and 1994 would have proposed, and yet he’s accused of perpetrating a socialist takeover of the health-care system.

That was some nice strawman. Yes….Republicans don’t want any bill at all. They never suggested anything. The Gingrich Congress of 94′ would have loved Obamacare. Yes… Obama’s attempt to seize 1/6th of the American economy is not a socialist takeover.
Oh those wascalwee wapubicans.
One of the reasons Eleanor that health care reform does so badly in the polls is that people have been informed about what is in it.

Check out this next pantload.

“Obama inherited a more complicated situation, and his appeal is loftier and more abstract. At this point in his presidency, Obama has a better economic story to tell than Reagan did, but he hasn’t conveyed it with the artistry and clarity that could keep people believing in him. The Dow Jones index has regained 60 percent of its value, the banks are paying back the government with interest, and passage of a health-care-reform bill would give middle-class Americans more economic security. The economy is on the upswing and, to borrow a slogan from the Reagan era, it’s time to “stay the course.”

We just don’t understand how brilliant is the Obama and if only the people were as stupid today as they were a year ago he would be saving us so much faster. The economy is on the upswing doncha’ know because it regained 60% of it’s value. I wonder if I could reduce Eleanor’s salary to 60% of it’s value if she would consider that an “upswing”.
Obama’s situation is abstract.
Is that like absract art where someone covers a painting of the Virgin Mary in elephant dung and all the lefties gasp…“My god,…it’s brilliant. So poignant.”
We just don’t know how to love him,what to do, how to move him. We’ve been changed. Yes really changed. In these past few days when we’ve seen ourselves we seem like someone else.
He’s just a man.

Ok…the last of the cut and paste.

“If Michael Deaver, Reagan’s image maestro, were still alive, and working for Obama, he would convert these glimmers of hope into “Morning in America.” Reagan had a natural ability to touch the emotions, a trait that Obama doesn’t have. He’s not going to get a personality transplant; he’s an intellectual’s intellectual, more Adlai Stevenson than Ronald Reagan. But he’s a disciplined man, and here are five things he can do to gain footing as the transformative president he wants to be:”

As if someone who believed in Ronaldus Maximus could ever work for the cardboard cutout that is Obama.
I just coined a phrase.
Obama is the cardboard cutout president.
Two dimensional. Fancy slogans. Don’t let it get wet.
Barack Obama will re-paint your health care for just $99.99
Come on down.
Taxes and fees not included.
Clinton was the teflon president.
Obama is the cardboard president.

Ok ..but back to Eleanor. She has a five point plan on how Barack Obama can become Ronald Reagan.
Go read it real quick and then come on back and we’ll all make fun of her.

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