I can't think of one good reason why Democrats wouldn't use reconciliation. Can you....?

I mean really…? What would be the down side ?

Neokong…are you crazy ? Voter backlash will crush them in November.

That’s a runaway train that they cannot stop so why even try? I mean it ain’t like the Democrats are going to turn into Ronald Reagan in the next nine months. They’re getting smoked no matter what.

NeoKong…If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want to keep their jobs they had better not.

They are both millionaires already. They aren’t getting any younger and they have lived the political lives of royalty. If they lose sacrifice their political career they will be rewarded by getting some high paid political consultant do nothing job that pays them big bucks. You know what I’m saying ? If Nancy Pelosi loses her Speakership position and retires it ain’t too likely that you will bump into her in the coach class on the Delta shuttle. If Harry Reid loses his job next November I don’t think he will need to get a job at the Home Depot to get by. With the connections they have people will pay them millions just to use their rolodex.

But NeoKong….if Obama tries to ram healthcare down our throats it will doom him to a one term Presidency.

He has already said he does not care if that happens and why should he? A former president is still a former president whether he served one or two terms. The Obamas will be millionaires with Secret Service details for the rest of their lives. Like Pelosi, The Obamas will never ever ever see the inside of a commercial passenger jet again. They made it to the White House. They will want for nothing for the rest of their lives. Their kids will never ever have to worry about getting a job or how they will live because their dad is a former president.

Ok NeoKong I hear ya’ but if we have all three branches in 2012 we can just repeal it.

Oh really…? Can anyone here name one single huge bloated government entitlement program that does not get bigger and fatter every year….? Go ahead. Tell all the people who are now going to get their free health care that you are going to kill it. We can’t even close the border but we are going to repeal the health care bill…?

Oh come on NeoKong…Pelosi will never get the votes to send something back to the Senate.

May I remind you that the Democrats have a 77 vote majority. I think that Ol’ Nancy can scrape up a few converts to hit 218 again if she needs them.

Ok …I got you now NeoKong. The Democrats will never use reconciliation because that will set a precedent and we can use it against them if they lose power.

That’s if they lose power and if this bill passes the federal govt. will will insert it’s tentacles into every phase of your lives and that is not what I call losing power.

Riddle me this NeoKong. How will Nancy convince the Congress to do something that will make them lose their majority…?

They’ve lost their majority before and now they have it back. I’m not really certain that the leadership worries about the pawns they will sacrifice to get so much more real entrenched power. When you are dealing in trillions a few billion here and there to smooth the bumps is chump change. Govt. employees and unions, insurance and drug companies. Private corporations. Pffftt….uh hoh please. If this bill passes and becomes law who will dare to go against it? If I may bring up the border thing again can anyone tell me any conservative politician who campaigns by saying “Vote for me and I will seal that border like it was Area 51”
Don’t forget people that just a few short years ago it was the Republicans who had all the power and all three branches of govt.
Did we shrink government…?
Did we close the border…?
Did we reform Welfare or Social Security….?
Did we nip ACORN in the bud…?
Did we put and end to ACLU by cutting their govt. funding…..?
Did we Drill baby drill…?
Did we reform Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac….?
Did we control spending….?

Hey…I hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see why the Democrats wouldn’t just shove this down our throats. Who can stop them?
I like what I see with the Tea Party movement and everything but one thing I have noticed that with millions demonstrating in the streets the Democrats in power have pretty much in unison just flipped them all the bird and called them hillbilly redneck nazis.
This is their one and only last chance to force their socialist agenda upon America and I think they will take it.
They have a choice to make.
They can lose their majorities next November and Obama will become a lame duck president with no accomplishments or they can they can set themselves up for eventual perpetual power forever.
They have nothing to lose by going for it.