It's Nov.22nd You know what that means.....Who shot JFK ?

I never believed Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. He didn’t seem smart enough. I think he was involved of course but not all by himself.
Did he work for the CIA ?
Has anyone ever seen the documentary The men who killed Kennedy on A&E ?
If it is to be believed it covered a lot of suspicious things associated with the murder.
Was Dealey Plaza a killing box? Where there multiple shooters?
Did Badge man exist. Was it a military style hit ?
Did the shot come from the front? It looked like it in the Zapruder film.
Why was the limo uncovered ?
Was the body tampered with enroute back to Washington?
How did the forensic evidence from America’s most notorious murder disappear?
How did Jack Ruby just waltz into the Dallas Police parking garage?
Why would he want to kill Oswald?
Was it a mob hit to stop Bobby’s war on organized crime.
Was Cuba involved.
Was it revenge for the failure of the Bay of Pigs failure?
Or was it just one lone gunman making three well placed impossible shots with an italian rifle from the sixth floor of the book depository?
America was overthrown that day.