The 437 million dollar police station in Los Angeles is quite the bargain.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Los Angeles Police Department is officially being handed the keys to its new headquarters.

Local officials including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and outgoing police Chief William Bratton are scheduled to open the gleaming 10-story, $437 million downtown structure Saturday morning.

The so-called Police Administration Building will replace Parker Center four blocks away. The 1955 facility has outlived its service life and is likely to be demolished.

Voters in 2002 approved a bond measure for new police facilities, and construction began on the new headquarters in 2007.

The new building features a broad glass front police say represents a new era of transparency for a department once resistant to public scrutiny.

That’s just one police station. Not all of them. Picture.
Wow….ten whole stories for the bargain price of 437 meellion dollars.
About 43 million dollars a floor. I’m sure they have underground parking as well.
Gee. I guess L.A. county must be swimming in the dough to have built such an expensive building.
Could they have possibly spent any more money on it…?
How the hell they managed to spend 437 million dollars on just one ten story building is beyond me.
Just to compare. Let me show you what much less money can build.

Hoover Dam bypass project. 240 million dollars.

Trump World Tower. 300 million.

Zakim Bridge. 105 million. The widest cable stayed bridge in the world. Picture.

One Wal-Mart 10.3 million
Wal-Mart could build 43 new stores for the price of that one single police station.
What’s it got…? Golden toilets.