Iran Sentences 3 to Death in Post-Election Unrest Trial. Who will save them...?

See what happens when you have robust debate.

TEHRAN, Iran — Three defendants in Iran’s mass trial of opposition figures accused of fueling the country’s postelection unrest have been sentenced to death, an Iranian news agency reported Saturday.

Two of them were convicted of membership in a monarchist group seeking to topple Iran’s Islamic Republic and restore a monarchy, the semiofficial ISNA news agency reported, quoting judiciary official Zahed Bashiri Rad

Well imagine that. Someone in Iran doesn’t like it when some people try to topple govt.s and stuff.
Go figure.

The judiciary official would only identify the three sentenced to death by their initials, the news agency reported. He said their lawyers have been informed of the rulings and that they can appeal the sentences, ISNA reported.

On Friday, Amnesty International identified one of those sentenced to death as Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani.

Amnesty said the 37-year-old was convicted of “enmity against God” through membership in a monarchist group. It also said he was convicted of making propaganda against the ruling regime and of leaving the country illegally to meet with U.S. military officials in Iraq.

Iran is going to put those men to death.
Obama says we can negotiate with Iran.
I wonder how he feels about the death sentence thing…?

Poor guys. It looks like they are in trouble.
If only there was some person…say with new found international clout.
Some guy…who was heralded by some world body or something.
Some person who those in the world look up to and even tell him so with distinguished awards who could somehow intervene on their behalf.
Someone perhaps who inspires hope that the world will become more peaceful in some way who could speak out against this.
That would surely be noble or even a prize if you will.


(crickets chirping…..)