Shameless and corrupt Democrats to sanction Joe Wilson tomorrow.

Via HotAir

Their hypocrlsy know no boundaries.
Shame on you Nanzi Peloser.

House Democratic leaders will move ahead with a “resolution of disapproval” against Rep. Joe Wilson (R-)(S.C.) on Tuesday afternoon, following through on their threat to sanction the conservative lawmaker for heckling President Obama last week.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) will formally introduce the resolution Tuesday afternoon, according to Democratic insiders, and the vast majority of Democrats – as well as some Republicans – are expected to vote for it.

Did they ever sanction William cold cash Jefferson…?
How about Charlie tax cheat Rangel…?
What about when Cynthia McKinney slapped a Capitol Police officer….?
How about when John Murtha accused the Marines in Haditha of committing cold blooded murder with absolutely no evidence?
I believe that Nancy Pelosi herself even called the CIA liars recently.
They are the most shameless corrupt group of thieves and liars I have ever seen.

They can sanction Joe Wilson but the rest of the country wants to put him on their shoulders.
They had better hope that the voters have a short memory next year.