I just got banned on Little Green Footballs. Uh hoh geez....

That guy has become such a dink.
The topic was about the crowd estimates for todays march on Washington.
Read it here.

Chucky linked to an article from ABC that claimed it was misquoted about crowd estimates of over a million.
They put the estimates at sixty to seventy thousand.
No way.
I was the second commenter.
Not bad on that site.I was first once. Only once.
The first commenter was a guy name Coracle who said ”

I knew it. That’s what it looked like to me.

My response was that

There were a hell of a lot more people than that.

Comment number two.
Then I commented again at comment number 21 where I said

“Hey Coracle…you better read up boy.
Everyone says that crowd was huge.
Daily Mail [Link: www.dailymail.co.uk…]”

and I linked to the Daily Mail report that there may have been close to two million people there.

That’s all it took. Five minutes later I was banned.
What the hell happened to that site….?
I used to go there all the time but ever since he got on his evolution kick the place has become like the Daily Kos. You disagree and your gone.Actually he is worse than the KosKids the way he has been dumping on the town hallers and the Tea Partiers.
I know Chucky scans all the other site so I will give him a little message here.

Your site sucks now.
If you think I am just saying that because I got banned then do what you always do. Look up my account history. You will see I used to be there almost daily and then weeks and months would go by before I posted a comment.
Then almost never.
It ain’t me Chuck…it’s you.
That place got scary.
Thank you for your tolerance… you jerk.

Here at RedState I guess you could say that this site is as about right-wing as you can get but the tolerance level for people who disagree is much higher.Scorn and ridicule is more the remedy here. It seem like the dissenters are tolerated almost for their entertainment value.
They might get beat up a little but it is all in good fun.
I myself have even tossed it around with some of the big guys here and all I got was a good argument.
Some might call that discourse or even debate.
Chucky could learn a thing or two from here.