How can the "Mainstream Media" ever look at themselves in the mirror again...?


Once again they awake in bed next to someone they barely know and have to slink back to their car that is parked on the front lawn at 8:AM in front of the neighbors still dressed in a tiny black cocktail dress and leather boots with three inch heels.
Their make up is smudged and their hair is a mess. They are still a little groggy from the night before that was filled with shameless harlotry as they make their way home and quickly shower and change before arriving late to work once again all disheveled with bloodshot eyes and missing an important meeting.
Once again their own weak set of standards has forced someone else to cover for them and do the job that they refuse to do/cannot do or are simply incapable of doing.
In other words…they are cheap media tramps willing to be bedded down by whatever leftie cause or politician that buys them a drink , compliments them on their over teased, dry,split end blonde hair that is stiff with hairspray and lights their cigarette.
“What’s a reporter gotta’ do to get an invite home…? Bark like a dog ?”

I am speaking of course about the Van Jones affair and the absolutely, undeniably in the tank, complete refusal of the old mainstream media to even appear to be doing their job as they committed what could be called media malpractice by not reporting on what was easily the biggest political story of the last two weeks.
They just simply wouldn’t cover it. There is no excuse for their failure to do what any twelve year old on the internet could accomplish.
To be honest. I am really starting to believe that the networks and the big leftie papers now just take their orders from the White House as to what stories they will cover and which ones they won’t.

How else can you explain it…? It can’t be because they didn’t know.
Everybody knew. The story was huge and going on for a week at fever pitch on the internet.
It was on Gateway Pundit, Fox News ,RedState, HotAir, the HuffPo, the DailyKos, LGF, NewsBusters, the Politico, RealClearPolitics , Powerline and like a thousand other sites. Even Jake Tapper was talking about it.
It was THE number one story.
The lamestream media would not touch it.
What could possibly be their reason?
They are still sort of in the news business a little bit…aren’t they ?
I don’t expect fair and balanced for Pete’s sake but come on….nothing ?

I know what you’re thinking.
“NeoKong,they were obviously doing it to protect Barack Obama and the promise of green jobs….GREEN JOBS !”
I would have to admit that their love for Obama is all consuming and their almost devout like quest for eco-harmony goes to the core of their very soul but there has to more to it than just that.

“Pssstt… NeoKong…he’s black too.”
I know that. Could that be it?
He’s an Obama guy, a glomosexual and black…?

“But wait there’s more. If you call in the next five minutes, not only will you get all we’ve shown you now but we will also throw in community organizing ,war protesting , trutherism , socialism , marxism , profanity laced tirades against Republicans and protesting to save a cop killer. A $200 value all for three easy payments of just $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Operators are standing by”

Hmmmmm……that could be a little closer to the mark now couldn’t it. The old mainstream media love guys like that. He is a hero to them. They were as thrilled that he was in the White House as Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama were.
The guy had buckets of diversity.
If diversity was snow he would be Alaska.
He was diversoriffic.
The only thing that could have possibly made it any better was if he was gay on top of everything else. Oh well…ten out of eleven ain’t bad.
It was a huge loss for them and they will need to be alone for a while to sort things out.
He was like having another Barack Obama in the White House.
It was sort of like the Wayans brothers. One is OK but two together is better.
It was like having Fidel and Che side by side.
It was like Dohrn and Ayers.
It was like Fonda and Turner.
It was like Sarandon and Robbins.
It was like Ben and Jerry’s
It was like ACORN and billions in stimulus money.
It was like illegals alien and ballots in spanish.
Some things just go together like burgers and mustard.
Like campaign contributions and untraceable sources.
Like network news anchors and bowing.
The revolution would have been glorious.
Green is the new red.

This one major failure to report the stories of the day in a long line of many other examples of doing the same exact thing probably won’t put the old media out of business but it doesn’t exactly help their image of being spineless rumpswabs for Barack Obama , the DNC and all things leftie.
Once again they have beclowned themselves with their shameful attempt to manage the news.
Even the people who are on their side must be embarrassed by this one.
It was outrageous and it only drives people away.
If someone wants to get the most up to date and accurate political coverage they certainly won’t log on to ABC News or their partners in slime, CBS and NBC.
Their credibility is long gone by choosing to look the other way as some of the biggest political stories have come down the pike and they remained silent as the blogosphere swirled with the latest details.
How many times have they just laid down like a painted strumpet for the DNC…?

Here is a partial list of stories they buried that certainly could be much longer.
If you only listened to the mainstrean media would you have known about:
HR:3200 attempts to eliminate private insurance or have direct access to your bank account?
The tax cheating of Timothy Geithner, Charlie Rangel or Tom Daschle?
The closing of auto dealerships based on who supported the DNC more?
Michelle Obama’s patient dumping at UNC hospital?
The billions for ACORN?
The anger at the town hall meetings and the shameful way Democrats treat their constituents?
The SEIU thuggery?
George Soros ,PetroBras and $2 billion in loan guarantees from Obama?
Great Britain trading terrorists for oil?
Valerie Jarrett ghettoizing Grove Parc Plaza?
Tony Rezko?
Norman Hsu?
Aunt Zeituni?
Rev. Wright or typical white people?
How about Dan Rather forging Texas ARNG documents?
John Edwards and his love child?

The answer obviously is a big fat no.
Network journalism is dead. Now they are just advocacy groups who own T.V. stations.
Katie….you ignorant slut.