Well well well...look who is still stirring the pot of racism. Henry Louis Gates.

What a fraud.

File this under the category: I went to a White House beer summit and all I got to show for it is this big chip on my shoulder.
This guy is a crock and he is still whining about being arrested as if he was like Nelson Mandela and just served 27 years in prison or some thing as he led a gaggle of other angry black elites to decry the injustice of being at the top of academic east coast blue blood elite.
At Martha’s Vineyard no less.

Racial Equality Long Way Off, Say Speakers Led by Skip Gates

Nodding to Professor Henry Louis (Skip) Gates Jr. at his Whaling Church panel discussion Achieving Equality in the Age of Obama last night, Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell shook her head and said: ”If you had told me this time last year, when we were all pretty emotionally up and excited, even though George W. Bush was still our President, that we would actually feel worse a year later, when Barack Obama was our President, about questions of race in America, I would have told you you were lying.

I wouldn’t have said that. But I digress.

Yet Mr. Gates acknowledged his part in bringing down the mood nationwide when he began by recounting his “bizarre” arrest at his Cambridge home; first getting the handcuffs moved from his back to front, then rolling down the window of the police cruiser and calling out to his secretary, “Call Tree,” meaning lawyer and Harvard colleague Charles Ogletree. He thanked many in the audience for their support, including for helping him get off the Vineyard for that White House beer though fog had grounded the planes. “How bad would that have been? Officer James Crowley had been there and we’d been up here at the Inkwell, sipping chardonnay, covered by Fox News. That was not going to be too good.”

That chardonnay crack must have been some sort of tony Harvard insider Martha’s Vineyard joke that only people who summer on the Island understand.
The man truly suffered and he relayed his horrible journey through the gulag of the Cambridge Police dept. He brought down the mood of the nation you know.

But he acknowledged that his Ivy League connections worked for him at the jail. “This isn’t about me. I was in jail for a total of four hours . . . what about the people in jail for four days, or four months, or four years? It’s about fairness under the law, race-neutral application of the law.

Four hours…? Is he serious ? I once spent more time in jail because I didn’t pay a parking ticket and had a suspended license when I got pulled over for a traffic violation. At least they didn’t tow his car.

“There are one million black men in jail or prison and on July 16 this summer I became one of them . . . what about all those men and women who languish unfairly in prison every day, who are racially profiled every day, who have no recourse, no hope of salvation no way to break that cycle?

He’s still claiming he was profiled as he agonizes over the “million black men in jail or prison”.
No summer on the Vineyard for them I guess. Maybe Mr. Gates can recount the last time he spoke or visited with one of those poor lost souls.
When they are released from prison they will no doubt all be welcome in his Cambridge home for some chardonnay.

“I hope to use my experience to work to address the overwhelming problem of the massive number of African Americans who are hopelessly caught in the web of the criminal justice system, a disastrous problem that is destroying the very fabric of our community.”

Yes…I’m sure he will get right on it…right after the Thanksgiving break and after he finishes his lecture series on his unfortunate incarceration.

Mr Gates did not speak alone as he was joined by Lawrence Bobo, another Harvard professor who had written this on Gates’s arrest.

I believe the police officer was motivated by anger that my friend had not immediately complied with the officer’s initial command to step out of the house. In hindsight, I think Skip did the right thing; he could have been injured (if not worse) had he stepped out of his home before showing his ID. Black Americans recall all too well that Amadou Diallo reached for his identification in a public space when confronted by police and, 41 gunshots later, became the textbook case of deadly race-infected police bias.

Skip, 58, is one of the most readily recognized black men in America and the most broadly influential black scholar of this generation. And in the liberal, politically correct cocoon of “the People’s Republic of Cambridge,” a famous, wealthy black man was arrested on his front porch for “disorderly conduct.” Whatever that means.

I never realized how close Mr. Gates had come to being gunned down just for being black until now. Thank god for Harvard professors.
He continues on to mention again how influential and successful Gates is and how ” If Skip can be arrested on his front porch, then there but for the grace of God goes every other black man in America. That is one sad statement, and it should be enough to end all this post-racial hogwash.”

Bring it home Professor.

“Maybe events will prove my cynicism and anger unwarranted. Perhaps the officer involved will be fully held to account. Perhaps Skip will hear the apology he so richly deserves. Perhaps a review of training, policy and practice by police in my fair city and many others will move us closer to a day of bias-free policing. But if you’re inclined to believe all that will happen, I’ve got a shiny new post-racial narrative I’d be happy to sell.”

Whoa….that’s an angry guy and he wasn’t the only one either.
NYT’S columnist Charles Blow was in attendance as well and also had no love for Mr. Crowley either.

“You don’t get an invitation for fabrication,” he said. “That created in my mind an awful tableaux which was that not even a black President can get away with speaking out of turn against white authority, and [Officer Crowley] did not have to be contrite.

“To put it behind you, that to me was not the message of post-racial reconciliation that I needed from that situation,” Mr. Blow said.

It seems that what Mr. Blow needed was to see Officer Crowley’s career destroyed and it may well have been destroyed had he ,Henry Gates, Lawrence Bobo got their way.

To listen to these people talk you would think that on a daily basis they get turned against a wall and frisked by whitey when in fact they walk among millionaires,probably are millionaires and are darlings of the liberal elite cream of the crop,Vineyard summering beautiful people.
I’m just an average Joe myself but I’m fairly certain that if I was to sit amongst them at the dinner table they would hardly consider me to be an equal. They would probably sneer at me and my little brain as they let me know my place.
“So tell us all…what was your favorite Shakespeare play” as they politely snickered into their white linen napkins.
“Oh dear….perhaps the maid has a copy of Hamlet she would let you borrow”

In fact I think the only reason they might even let me in the door or on the property would be if I was there to snake out their backed up toilet or clean out their basement.
I should be so white.