Just a reminder. In some places in the world, simply trying to vote could get you killed.

The Taliban would make the Black Panthers look like a Girl Scout troop.

Threats of Violence Cast Shadow Over Afghan Elections

KABUL — Threats of Taliban violence and rumors of fraud cast a shadow over Afghanistan’s election, in which millions of voters will choose a new president Thursday to lead a nation plagued by armed insurgency, drugs, corruption and a feeble government.

I hope they’re not using butterfly ballots. They have enough problems.
It’s hard to believe that the simple act of voting can be so dangerous in some places. Here in America some people go to pieces just because Fox News showed up.
They never had to deal with anything like this.

On the eve of the balloting, the U.S. military announced the deaths of six more Americans — putting August on track to become the deadliest month for American forces since the war began in 2001. Rising death tolls underscore the urgency of establishing a strong, effective government to stem the growing Taliban insurgency.

People and American soldiers are dying just to hold an election. It’s no joke.

Can you imagine having to vote under circumstances like these…?

In the south, turnout may be affected by the Taliban campaign of intimidation — whispered threats, posted warnings and a run of headline-grabbing attacks in Kabul — aimed at frightening Afghans from going to the polls.

“The Taliban control our area and they have already warned us that they will cut off our fingers or kill us if we vote,” said Abdul Majid, 25, a shop owner in Ghazni city. “I don’t want to vote.”

In Afghanistan’s two most important and dangerous southern provinces — where thousands of U.S. troops deployed this summer — more than 130 polling stations will not open, officials said. These included 107 out of 242 polling stations in Helmand province, the focus of the most recent fighting, and 17 out of 271 in Kandahar, where the Taliban Islamist movement was born.

I remember voting last year. I went to my old junior high. I walked right in and gave my name. Some nice lady handed me a ballot and when I was done I put it in the machine next to a guy I think was my old metal shop teacher. He looked older.
I didn’t have to dip my finger in ink.
On the way out I bought a brownie and two sugar cookies from the Ladies Auxillary who had set up a baked goods table.
No one tried to kill me or cut off my fingers. If that was a possibility I might have stayed home and rented a movie instead. I’m sort of partial to my fingers. I hear it’s hard to get replacements.

Americans would never be able to handle that sort of pressure.
I remember the D.C. snipers of Oct.2002. They paralyzed the Washington area with fear for weeks.
They killed eleven people.
Imagine that times a thousand.
100 people were killed today in Iraq.

Authorities initially attributed the attacks to a lone sniper, dubbed by journalists the “Beltway Sniper,” the “D.C. Sniper,” the “Washington Sniper,” the “Serial Sniper” or the “Tarot Card Killer.”

After their capture, there was much confusion about the names of the two males. The older of the pair, born John Allen Williams (age 41 at the time of capture), had joined the Black nationalist organization the Nation of Islam some years earlier, and in October 2001 had changed his name to John Allen Muhammad. The younger male was born Lee Boyd Malvo, but also calls himself John Lee Malvo and had posed as Muhammad’s son (17 years old at the time of his arrest).

It’s rather interesting how the media can dust off Timothy McVeigh at the drop of a hat but for some reason can’t seem to remember those two guys.
They way that the media talks about Tea Partiers and elderly town hall protesters you would think they they were the Weather Underground or something. Oops…can’t mention them either. They’re legit now that they are good friends of Barack and Michelle. Sometimes all it takes is working next to someone to get to know them.
Even though the violence always seems to be from Obama supporters it’s the right-wingers who are always the dangerous ones even if they have no examples.
They’re the Nazis however just for excercising their first amendment rights.
Goddam America.