OMG...LOL...is this a joke?

It has to be.

I simply must have one.


When I saw this on the side bar I spit my beverage all over my keyboard.
There is nothing wrong I guess with advertising a Michelle Obama doll. It
is just that this is the last place I would expect to see this ad.
How did this come about…?
Did Obama’s spies get some embarrassing photos of Erick or Neil at the RedState gathering and are blackmailing this site to display the ad ?
There was some drinking going on I heard.
This is too funny especially when you read the ad.

The Michelle Obama inaugural doll is available exclusively from the Danbury mint and is priced at $149 plus $9 shipping and service, payable in four monthly installments of $39.50 each.
Satisfaction is guaranteed. If not delighted simply return your doll within thirty days for a full refund.
Don’t miss out one this one-of-a-kind collector treasure.Our artists are currently sculpting this beautiful doll. It will be available in the fall and the earliest orders will receive their dolls first.
Reserve yours now to ensure earliest possible delivery.

I guess we are only allowed to buy just one. Damn!
$150 seems like a reasonable price for a Michelle Obama doll.
I will ignore the symbolism of how a President who is trying to lead us out of one the worst recessions in our lifetimes with double digit unemployment and a soaring national debt has allowed his wife’s image to be made into a doll dressed like a princess and sold for $150 smackers.
That’s a good recession value and if I may say not pretentious at all.
I’m sure they will be flying off the shelves in the projects of Chicago.
Maybe they could even do one of Barack Obama dressed in a tuxedo and top hat holding a glass of champagne as he eats a kobi beef steak.
Conservatively priced at $250.
Or how about a Congressional luxury private jet series with little miniature Gulf Stream jets and little Nancy Pelosi dolls laughing all the way to San Francisco.
Collect all eight !
They could even do an SEIU union thug doll. It could talk maybe.
You pull the string and it says “Why is an n-word like you handing out these flags?”
They would be blue collar dolls though. Strict wage negotiations couldn’t let them go for less than $100 per doll and you would have to buy two or you get a beating.
Or maybe even a talking Barney Frank doll. You pull the string and he says “Dey’re ith no cricisth at Fannie Mae and Fweddie Mac.”

Uh hoh geez…a Michelle Obama doll for $150.
Not in bad taste at all.
It sort of makes you wonder though. Just what exactly does Michelle get out of all this….?
Are they using her image for free and donating the profits to ACORN ?
I sure hope she is not going to make more than $250,000 off this in one year because that would make her one of the evil rich.