A cop , a President and a racist walk into a bar......

A cop , a President and a racist walk into a bar. All three go up to the bar and sit down. The bartender comes over and says “What’ll it be boys ?
“The racist says“Who you callin’ boy…cracka’ ?”.
The President says ” I wasn’t listening but it’ apparent that you took our order stupidly. “
The cop says “How ya’ doing sir ? We’re gonna’ have a few drinks. “
The scowl on the face of the bartender returns to a smile and he asks the racist “What can I get for you sir ?”
The racist says “I’ll have a black russian. I want it it because it’s dark and bitter and sometimes hard to swallow.”
The bartender then asks the President “What can I get for you sir ?”
The President says ” Let me be clear. I never said you were stupid and I’ll have a white russian because only I understand what it takes to bring liquids of all colors together.”
The bartender then turns to the cop and asks him what he would like as well.
Just as the cop is about to place his order the President high fives the racist and butts in and says ” He’ll have a slow comfortable screw. Hold the comfortable.”