The shrinking universe in Massachusetts.

Honey, I shrunk the health care.
Epic fail.

If anybody wants a glimpse of what the efficiency of govt. run health care will be like all they have to do is look at the universal care model currently in practice in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Universal Health Care Cuts
July 17, 2009 – 4:27 PM | by: Molly Line

As lawmakers on Capitol Hill battle to create a nationwide health care system to cover all, Massachusetts is struggling to keep the state’s groundbreaking universal coverage program up and running.

Facing a massive budget shortfall, lawmakers are cutting roughly 30 thousand legal, taxpaying immigrants out of the state subsidized Commonwealth Care program.

Health Care for All, a Boston based advocacy group, is taking hundreds of calls on their help line from people like El Salvador native Eugenio Hernandez who is battling prostate cancer and will be among those losing coverage.

Hernandez tells Fox News he pays his taxes and a small premium for the insurance he considers vital. “They’re going to send me the bills and there’s no way I can afford to pay them.” Hernandez explained, expecting more doctors’ visits to come.

Critics of the cuts say those left without insurance will resort to the only option available to them.

“They will end up waiting until they get sicker, show up at emergency rooms, be incredibly expensive and those costs will often fall to the hospitals where people are being treated,” said Lindsey Tucker, health reform policy manager at Health Care for All.

Apparently in Massachusetts nobody seems to worry about offending the hispanic vote. Vote against Sotomayor and Republicans will be all done but cut 30,000 immigrants off health care and no big deal.
I thought Democrats loved the rich and diverse culture that has blessed us all from below the border. What has happened?

The plan to cut tens of thousands of legal immigrants from the state’s universal plan will save an estimated $130 million a year- A difficult choice, say legislators, but one based on dollars and sense.

“We cannot commit to how can we solve this problem because we don’t know if we’re going to hit the revenue benchmarks we’ve planned this year’s budget on,” Rep. Bradley Jones, Jr., Massachusetts House Minority Leader said.

There is the money quote. It’s all about money and not about insuring EVERYBODY which was the hallmark of the mandatory program.

What is one way the state can save money you may ask….? Read on.

This week Boston Medical Center, one of the city’s largest metropolitan hospitals, filed a lawsuit against the state claiming its being shortchanged by a whopping $181 million annually. BMC claims the state is not adequately covering the costs of Medicaid, Commonwealth Care and the uninsured, saying reimbursement rates have dropped to just 64 cents on the dollar to cover the poor.

Dropping reimbursement rates…? Where have I read that before? Oh…right here.
White House wants more power to set Medicare rates.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House is asking Congress to give the executive branch more power to limit Medicare’s rising costs.

A White House letter to top lawmakers on Friday said the move would be “a critical step forward” in controlling health care costs and providing better care.

The proposal would allow an independent advisory board to recommend changes in Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors, hospitals and other providers.

The lefties sure do think alike. All those damn doctors and nurses are bleeding us dry.

I don’t really quite understand why the state would move to cut off 30,000 immigrants if they are legal residents. Maybe they figured if they have to cut off somebody it makes most sense to do it to people who have the least political clout.

What happens to all those people now?

Governor Deval Patrick believes the state made a commitment it ought to keep and is urging the legislature to pass a compromise measure that would still offer some form of coverage to immigrants.

I would hope so because if you do not have insurance in Massachusetts you get fined $900 a year.

The Governor feels really bad about it and it seems there is nothing he can do about it.

“We’re talking about hardworking taxpaying residents who are contributing to the system and we think it’s only fair that healthcare for all is really for all,” Patrick tells Fox News.

The governor faces an uphill battle. Revenues are down and the legislature is making tough choices. Frustrated lawmakers say many vital programs are suffering in this economy- including the state’s universal health care system, hailed as a possible national model.

But hey….just because it is turning out to be a miserable failure in Massachusetts doesn’t mean that it won’t work nation wide. Maybe the system just wasn’t big enough.