Hillary speaks out about the man caused disaster in Jakarta.

Steely resolve.

PRAGUE — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned Friday’s hotel bombing in Jakarta and said the United States is prepared to provide assistance if requested by the Indonesian government.

“Our sympathies go out to the victims of these tragic attacks, their families, and the people and government of Indonesia,” Clinton said during a refueling stop in Prague. She’s starting a weeklong foreign trip to India and Thailand.

Sympathy is about all they will get. I honestly can’t remember the last time Hillary spoke out about terrorism in any real or genuine way. In the last few years there have been dozens of attacks all over the world just as bad or worse and I can’t recall Hillary weighing in on any of that or even caring. It certainly was never a part of her Presidential campaign. To be honest I think she threatened and condemned the Bush administration more than she ever threatened or condemned any terror group. Her boss Pres. Obama included. His Director of Homeland Security,Janet Napolitano is more worried about returning war vets it seems than she is about violent muslim extremist groups.

Hillary finished her statement with this little gem of reassurance of America’s determination to stamp out islamic terrorism.

Clinton condemned the attacks as reflecting “the viciousness of violent extremists” and said they “remind us that the threat of terrorism remains very real.”

Hey Hillary.
Some of us didn’t need to be reminded.
That would be you guys.