Why won't Obama save or create THESE jobs...?

I guess they were not shovel ready. Only unemployment line ready.

Obama Opposes House Plan to Protect Chrysler, GM Dealerships

July 15 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama “strongly opposes” an effort in Congress to require General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to restore relationships shed during bankruptcy proceedings, while stopping short of a veto threat.

The administration said today in a statement that “the decision by Chrysler and GM to rationalize their dealer networks was a critical part of their overall restructuring to achieve long-term viability in order to save jobs in the long run.”

How the hell does that make sense…? People can’t have their jobs now because Barack wants them to wait for the “long run ” when all those good good stimulized jobs will be raining down like water. I realize that I don’t have the awesome smart power of Barack Obama and his auto czar pension raider Steve Rattner but how exactly does putting a couple hundred thousand people out of work save jobs in the long run?
Can someone explain that to me?
Maybe those saved jobs were at the welfare office or unemployment counselors. Hey…they gotta’ work too. Right?

If you thought the statement you just read made no damn sense then fasten your passive safety restraint system for this next little item from the showroom floor.

The statement also said it would set a “dangerous precedent” to “intervene into a closed judicial bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of one particular group at this point.”


Some one pinch me. I feel like I was just run over by a mini-van. Barack Obama suddenly has a problem with intervening on behalf of one particular group? Is this some sort of new policy because I seem to remember just a little bit of intervening on behalf of one group at a particular point.
I can’t remember all the facts but it had something to do with secured investors drinking UAW rootbeer for .29 cents on a dollar or something like that.
Apparently it’s not intervening when it’s economic justice.

Keep reading kiddies because Barack Obama isn’t the only one who suddenly has a case of Alzheimers.
His little buddy from the American Gothic painting, Harry Reid has come down with memory loss too.
Watch out for the airbag.

While the bill is likely to pass the House, it received a chilly response from the Senate’s top Democrat. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said yesterday that “when you have a bankruptcy, there are winners and losers.”

Oh….is that how it works?
Any mention of huge govt. bailouts , forced resignations , ownership transfers , screwing legally first in line secured creditors , sweet auto worker payoffs or govt. takeovers there Harry you forgot to mention….?
(crickets chirping)

Just thought I’d ask.

Cheer up though all you struggling,hard working private business people who employ tens of thousands of people that the Obama administration is trying so hard to destroy.
All is not lost.
There still might be a little bit of hope left in that govt. bag of goodies.

Harry is on the case.

He also said “we’ll be happy to take a look at” the House proposal, “but it’s nothing that is certainly on top of the agenda in the Senate at this time.

You may have to wait a little bit because Harry and Barry are a little busy trying to destroy some other very large industries and it could take some time before they save or create something for you.
Maybe you should all think about enrolling in windmill school.
I hear it could be big.