Governor Sanford, don't you dare resign!

OK…you cheated on your wife.
But what has that got to do with the price of tea in China?
What does it have to do with anything politically?
It’s not like you are Pope or something.
Colin Powell cheated on the whole damn party when he admitted to his love affair with Barack Obama.
If we don’t get to kick him out then no one get’s to kick out you.
It’s only fair.

May I ask you a question?
Were you elected to be the CEO of South Carolina and reform education, cut wasteful spending and restore fiscal responsibility or were you elected to the position of husband and father of the year…?
Believe it or not Sir many of your constituents do not look to you to be their moral guide post.
It’s not your job. At the risk of repeating myself you were not elected by the good people of South Carolina to be the gold standard of moral values.
If my Governor would lower my taxes, improve our schools, reduce crime and welfare I would buy him a first class ticket to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.
” Thanks Big Guy! It’s on me.”

The only people you owe a real apology to (if you don’t mind me saying) is to your family.
You certainly do not owe me,conservatives or even your constituents an apology. We are not your judge.
Of course you can apologize and you have already but it is not truly required.We appreciate it though. Confess and ye shall be forgiven. We’re all just glad it was with a woman.

Listen…I can understand how some of what some people may describe as your personal failings may make you feel less than worthy of the people’s trust right now but don’t sell them short. Most of the people who are and will be attacking you were never your supporters anyway. They are only doing it because they see an opportunity to cut one out of the herd and take you down.
Don’t cave in. It would solve nothing.
Let the voters decide.
Democrats and the media are in no position to be throwing stones.

Bill Clinton’s pecadillos and the fact the his whole party and the whole MSM closed ranks around him and coined the phrase “It was just sex” have made every single politician to follow him immune from their phony,hypocritical moral outrage. He was even accused of rape. He slept with everybody. He even made a pass at me once.
Naturally I was flattered.
Not only did they give him a pass, his enabling wife is a senior and respected member of the Obama adminstration. The Secretary of State. So historic.

CBS wouldn’t dare even whisper the name of John Edwards mistress and love child when he was running for President even though he was cheating on his sick wife and the story had already been broken. He was paying her big bucks from his campaign coffers.He got caught in a hotel in L.A. at two in the morning and had to hide in the men’s room. THEY HAD PHOTOS!!! They wouldn’t touch it.
Not all men’s rooms are the same apparently.
He had to publicly confess before the media was led kicking and screaming to the story. Screw them.
You owe them nothing.

Rep. William Jefferson had $90,000 in his freezer. Did he step down? Did any Democrats shun him or demand his resignation.
His whole family is under investigation. They’re crooked like a box of cork screws.

Barack Obama packs his cabinet with tax cheats. He just bought two car companies.
Do Democrats or the media complain?
Charlie Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is also a known tax cheat.
John Conyer’s wife is going to plea bargain with the FBI in a bribery scandal and no one seems to care.She might go to prison. He is the Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary for God sakes.

My point is this.
You would have to be a chump to resign over your marriage when Washington is swimming in corruption.
Real corruption.
Felonies. Who resigns?
Only Republicans.
Barack Obama could rob a liquor store and the press would call it a right-wing smear job. They would say he was only trying to re-distribute the wealth and then attack the greedy store owner who would end up settling for 29 cents on the dollar.

Roland Burris may have offered to pay for his Senate seat to a man who is under indictment. He bought it at auction. Let’s be blunt. The only reason Blagojevich got canned was because he was a threat to Obama. Even he wouldn’t resign.

Your marriage and it’s condition aren’t as really as big a deal to the public as you may think.
We are being threatened by North Korea.
Iran is on the verge of revolution.
The country is swimming in debt and experiencing double digit unemployment.
Our troops are fighting and dying in two theaters.
All of that outweighs your marriage scandal.
It’s really not a priority to the voters right now.
They are worried about keeping their jobs and their homes. Not your marriage.
Don’t quit your job.
You have an obligation to your state that does not include your marriage vows.
That’s your business.

A Democrat would never resign. Another Democrat would never expect them to resign.
Eliot Spitzer and Jim McGreeveyey don’t count as they were committing multiple felonies during their indiscretions and in their cases it was much worse than simple infidelity. They were breaking laws.
Many liberal pundits and Democrat politicians say that maybe we shouldn’t focus so much on conservative values that they claim that we try to force upon them.
Let’s take them up on it.
Starting with you.

Do it for me. Do it for us.
Do it just to piss them off.
Don’t quit.