Something funny is going on with that Air France crash.

I’m starting to get a little suspicious.


PARIS —  France’s transportation minister said Friday that French forces have found no signs of the Airbus A330 airplane that vanished over the Atlantic and urged “extreme prudence” about suspected debris taken from the ocean.

Dominique Bussereau said he regretted that an announcement by Brazilian teams that they had recovered plane debris from Air France flight 447 turned out to be false.

Are they trying to say that they haven’t found any debris yet? That’s not what they said the other day.


Newly spotted traces of the plane included a 12-mile (20-km) fuel stain and various objects spread across a 3-mile (5-km) area, including one metallic object 23 feet in diameter.

Didn’t this same flight receive a bomb threat recently…?

Air France received a bomb threat four days before Flight 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, it was revealed yesterday.

An anonymous caller made the threat to a plane heading from South America to Paris – just like the doomed jet.

And the theory that Flight AF 447 could have been downed by a bomb was reinforced last night as it emerged wreckage from the Air France jet has been found spread over 55 miles of the Atlantic.

French officials are quick to claim it was not terrorism.
Their stories seem to be changing awful fast. It it was terrorism do you think they would tell us…?