North Korea unaffected by the awesome smart power of Hopey McChangeACORN.

They must have some sort of mind-block technology impervious to the Vulcan mind meld.Chris Matthews on the other hand does not possess this technology and has become a talking point zombie.If only North Korea was as impressed absolutely dazzled by Barack Obama as the Washington press corp was then Kim Jong Il would be eating out of Barack’s hand like a petting zoo goat.

What happened?Didn’t North Korea get the memo that the world was going to be healed and the oceans were going to recede and junk and stuff?I’m mean really.Why are they grinding on Barack Obama with all this nuclear bomb,three missile,abandoning the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean war business?
Didn’t they get his strongly worded letter.Wasn’t there enough diplomacy?
Didn’t Barack apologize enough and assure them we mean them no harm?
We even sent Hillary over there.What more could we do?

People.Let me spell it out for you.The rest of the world is not the Washington press corp and the obedient little love puppies of the America MSM.I am speaking specifically of North Korea,Iran and Venezuela.Those are three countries who don’t give a damn what the U.S. think or says.They saw this guy coming last year and could not wait to get rid of George Bush.Remember George Bush?He was the guy who actually had a real Secretary of State named Condoleezza Rice who actually was competent and not the celebrity historic oh so brilliant former first lady that currently pretends to hold that job.Before you know it Aruba will be threatening us.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke by phone Monday to her counterparts in Japan and South Korea, and she planned to speak later with the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers in what Clinton spokesman Ian Kelly called intensive diplomacy in response to the North’s nuclear test.

“The secretary stressed the importance of a strong, unified approach to this threat to international peace and security,” Kelly said.

When your first round of diplomacy fails then you have no choice but to try intensive diplomacy.

North Korea is pounding on the front door of the White House and Barack Obama is turning up the volume on the television and singing la la la “I can’t hear you.North Korea just tested a nuke (again).It just launched three missiles that may someday give some part of the world a much closer look at one of those nukes.They are breaking their treaty with South Korea and threatening them and Barack Obama does nothing.
Well actually that’s not fair.He did do this.

He said Monday the U.S. and its allies must “stand up” to the North Koreans, but it’s far from clear what diplomatic or other action the world community will take.

Ooh ooh ooh…pick me, pick me! I know what he will do.

Absolutely nothing that matters.

This what they were saying two weeks ago.

Just two weeks ago, the administration’s special envoy for disarmament talks with North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, said during a visit to Asian capitals that “everyone is feeling relatively relaxed about where we are at this point in the process.”

Oh my God what a chump.That’s the smart power we know have at  State.Any blogger on on any right-wing web site could have told you North Korea was going to give the U.S. the big middle finger but Barack’s own guy was telling us  “Hey…we’re all very relaxed”.
Great.Just groovy man.
This is what happens when an American president tells the world “Sorry,excuse our appearance but the U.S. is closed for renovations.If it is an emergency try calling the UN. at 1-800 IMPOTENT.”

What will they tell us next?That Iran has no need to build a nuclear weapon that they can think of?That Iran has assured us they have no intention of building such a device?

These guys are amateurs.I’m not some big shot State Department genius with all sorts of impressive think tank experience but let me take a crack at it if no one minds.
Iran builds a nuclear bomb and laughs in the face of Barack Obama and threatens Israel with destruction all the while the White House and the U.N. can do nothing more that issue worthless condemnations at the same time telling Israel to remain calm.

Hey what do you think…?That was my first try at foreign policy.I know it was crude and uninformed but I have no First Lady experience so don’t be too hard on me.If this works out I might apply for a job at the State Department.I know I’m not as smart as they are but I’m willing to learn.