I don't know about you but I'm really enjoying watching Nancy Pelosi twist in the wind.Ha Ha!

If this isn’t the most corrupt,lying,incompetent self serving speaker I have ever seen then I don’t know who is.

She is totally busted in her outrageous lie that she had no idea that terror suspects were being waterboarded and is absolutely going to pieces and digging herself in deeper by lying about it even more.Does she really think she can bluff her way out of this when there are so many witnesses and records?
She can’t.She has been busted for being the lying dishonest hag she has always been and she is dragging down her fellow Democrats into her cesspool of lies.
Hee hee heee……(a Monty Burns exxxxcellent ).

Poor little Nancy.Finally getting a taste of what being a Republican is like and she is collapsing like a house of cards.This is the first time that I have ever seen anyone call her on her lies and she can’t handle it.She is used to reporters jumping through hoops and being her personal stenographers and I am watching with extreme pleasure at the way she is beginning to sputter and stutter and trying to pin the blame on someone else.
She is clearly someone who is not used to being challenged and she has no idea of how to defend herself.
She has the look of a deer in the headlights.Political road kill.She is so messed up and has so many versions of reality she should change her name to Sybil.She looks like Captain Queeg rambling on about the damn strawberries nervously massaging a handful of marbles.
She is ready for her close up now Mr. DeMille.
The witch is whacked.The press is ripping her to shreds because even they have a threshold for how much bullcrap they can tolerate and she has been shoveling it with a backhoe.
EVERYBODY knows she is lying.
NOBODY believes her.
Can you just imagine how painful and humiliating it must be for her staff to have to watch her trying to pass off this fantasy right in front of them and they have to be like..“Oh sure….you’re so right Mrs. Pelosi.Those damn CIA guys are such liars.We know you didn’t know.”

I bet all the other Congress people are hiding under their desks so they won’t have to speak to her and go through the embarrassing little charade of pretending they believe her.You can practically hear the spark filled metallic scraping of all the knives being sharpened by all her enemies who would love to see her take a fall.I bet Obama would love to see her take a dive so he can finally be President all by himself.This has all the makings of a mutiny.
Sweet delicious mutiny.
It must be awful lonely for her out there on that weak little limb.She is like one of those old Wily E. Coyote cartoons where he is sawing off a tree branch and he is sitting on the wrongs side of the saw.

Burn baby burn.That arrogant cow is finally getting exposed for the complete fraud that she is and I am loving every little painful moment of it.I hope it never ends.
I want to see her nose rubbed into the journalistic mud because no one deserves it more than her for her despicable ,obnoxious and traitorous dishonest behavior over the last few years.
Eat it Nancy.
Eat it with a snow shovel.

Watch her suffering my friends.
Come on baby…let’s do the twist…...(snicker)