Finally...something I can praise Obama for.

Stick it to them Barry.

Obama to hold town hall meeting on credit cards.

WASHINGTON, May 8 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama will hold a town hall meeting next week in New Mexico to promote congressional efforts to reform credit card practices, the White House said on Friday.

Banks such as Bank of America Corp (BAC.N)>, JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), Citigroup Inc (C.N) and Capital One Financial Corp (COF.N) face a new set of rules issued by the Federal Reserve last year aimed at reining in abusive credit card practices.

You won’t hear any complaining from me.I have a BofA  card that I primarily use just for gas and purchases I’ve made for a home remodeling project I have been working on.I have about $10,000 on it.The payments were never really that bad so I took advantage of the convenience of having a little extra credit to finish up my house with or if I needed some extra dough.It was nice.I was planning  on re-financing my mortgage in the future for a better rate when I was done and my house had more value so it was no sweat to carry the extra payment.They always told me “Don’t worry champ…we got your back.Take all you need big fella’.Pay us when you can”. They were like family to me.

I made two payments a couple of days late in a six month period and they jacked up my interest rate to 27.99%.A little userous if I don’t mind saying.I never missed a payment but was only a few days late.On top of that they charged me almost fifty bucks in late charges per incident.Where was the love?The damn monthly payment almost doubled in one month.On top of that someone slashed the tires on my truck and I got a phone call in the middle of the night warning me not to be late again if I knew what was good for me.They turned their backs on me.I was shocked and hurt.I was like “Hey…remember me?I’m the guy that you told to take all the credit you need to fix up your home or take that vacation you always wanted.I thought we were friends”.

I am a longtime customer of BofA with an excellent payment history so I decided to give them a ring to see if we could come to a slightly more reasonable interest rate that didn’t involve a pint of blood every month.I knew it was probably just some simple computer error.They wouldn’t treat me like that.I have heard and read many times that if you simply call your credit card company to ask for a lower rate that they might in fact do that for a good customer.I was misinformed.

Not only did they not reduce my interest rate one stinking percentage point they actually reduced my credit limit to just a few hundred bucks more than I owe.Their logic was since I didn’t like my payments then maybe I don’t need all that loose and crazy credit.The card is useless to me now as a borrowing tool and is now only just a monthly bill.Those sonofabitches!I was so pissed.

They are not my friends.They don’t love me.All those happy people in their ads with their great big smiles are all just a lie.They’re predators.They are trying to squeeze me for all that I’m worth.They are dead to me now.That card leaves an offensive stench in my wallet.I can’t even look at it now.I had to remove it from the the coveted front place slot in my wallet.I tucked it in behind my coupon for a free dvd rental from Blockbuster.The people at Blockbuster are my friends.They try to help me save money.I like my little family at Blockbuster.They would never hurt me or betray me like those grubby greedy mofos at BofA.They got my back.

The next time I get one of those balance transfer things in the mail I will tear it open like a hyena on a dead wildebeest and fill it out.Then I’m going to cut that BofA card into so many little pieces that when I send it back to them in the mail they will think it’s an envelope filled with sand.A very fine and very angry sand.

27.99%…?You gotta’ be sh]tting me.I could get a better deal from Tony Soprano.

Bleep you BofA.My new BFF Obama is going to make you pay.