Somali pirates hijack a Britsh owned ship.Oh my.

Oops…not again.

NAIROBI, Kenya —  A NATO spokesman says Somali pirates have hijacked a British-owned cargo ship crewed by Ukrainians.

Lt-Cmdr. Alexandre Santos Fernandes says the Maltese-flagged Ariana was hijacked northwest of the Seychelles islands about 1,000 miles from NATO’s operating area.

He says the crew members are all Ukrainian, but ship-owner Seven Seas Maritime Ltd. has not given the exact number of people on board.

Fernandes said Saturday that the Ariana was taken in a rare overnight attack.

British Owned with an Ukranian crew.

Both countries are U.S. allies and both have nuclear arsenals.

Both countries have substantial militaries and navies.

According to Reuters the ship was carrying U.N.equipment.

Oh…how embarrassing.The giant collective of nations can’t protect it’s own equipment from bands of peasant pirates in motorboats.

Source: Reuters

MOGADISHU, May 2 (Reuters) – Somali pirates said on Saturday they have captured a Ukrainian vessel carrying United Nations’ vehicles.”We have hijacked a ship carrying industrial equipment including white cars with the U.N. logo, our friends are on board it,” a pirate who said his name was Hussein told Reuters on telephone from the coastal town of Haradheere. Maritime and U.N. officials were not immediately available to confirm.

Apparently Somali pirates rule the waves now and not Great Britain.

To stray off topic just a little here.This would be an excellent opportunity for Barack Obama to get some real CIC street cred.If he were to publicly lead the charge against these slightly armed Somali pirates and captured a few he could show the world how he would deal with terrorism.He could have his little trials and show how humanely he deals with prisoners.The best part is that the Somalis really have no real power,support or friends in the world.

It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.The press would eat it up.Look at the way the gushed over his steely resolve when he managed to capture a teenage boy two weeks ago.You may have noticed that no one has seen that kid in about ten days.It’s hard to look tough  on piracy when your only captive isn’t even old enough to buy cigarettes yet.

This would be a good opportunity to act especially if the British won’t step up to the plate.It will be interesting to see if this is dealt with or if a ransom is quietly paid.