I am NeoKong.I am a right-winger.


Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security can kiss my ass.
Put me on your list.
“Have you now or have you ever been a right-winger?”
The new black list.
Thanks for all that new unity Barry.
Did you hear that Janet….?Did you hear that Barry…?


1.I am a right-winger.I believe in liberty and freedom of speech even if if it is against my government.

2.I am a right-winger. I proudly served my country and wore the uniform of the U.S. Army.

3.I am a right-winger.I believe in the second amendment that we all have the right to bear arms.Pistols,shotguns,rifles and semi-automatic weapons are legal to own according to the Constitution.

4.I am a right-winger.I am pro-life.I think abortion is murder and is wrong.Although there may be times when it is unavoidable it is still a very sad thing.Babies are innocent.They do not deserve to die.

5.I am a right-winger.I believe that democracy and capitalism are the best two inventions this world has ever seen.No system is better.

6.I am a right-winger.I believe that America is the last super power in the world that has the military and economic muscle to bring justice and freedom to oppressed people across the globe and we have proven it time and time again.No other country is our superior?

7.I am a right-winger.I believe our borders should be secure and that not just anyone and everybody should  be able to just stroll across the border and become quasi-citizens anytime they want to.

8.I am a right-winger.I believe in the Constitution and that it should be interpreted literally by the bench and that laws are made by the Leglislative and not the Judicial branch of government.The Constitution is not a living fluid document but a rock solid blueprint that has served this country and the world as well for close to three centuries.

9.I am a right-winger.I believe that our elected officials should be held to a higher standard than the general public and should have to follow the same laws that the rest of us Americans are required to follow.I don’t like to see it when high level connected political officials ignore the laws that we all have to follow as if they do not apply to them.

10.I am a right-winger.I do not like it and am deeply disturbed when an administration uses the Department of Homeland Security as it’s own private security force to specifically target people and organizations that may oppose it’s political agenda.The DHS was formed to protect America .It was NOT formed to protect the Obama administration.

11.I am a right-winger.I do not now nor have I ever advocated violence to achieve my political or social goals.

12.I am a right-winger.I do not support any individual,group or organization that suppresses the right’s of minorities or anyone for that matter.

13.I am a right-winger.My flag has Stars and Stripes on it and not a swastika.Anyone who thinks that a swastika represents me is sadly mistaken and will get a punch in the head if they tell me that to my face.No apologies.

14.I am a right-winger.I believe in God and I humbly pray to him at times.There is no greater miracle than than a human being and the divine spark we all carry.We did not evolve from apes.

15.I am a right-winger.I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to say or write or express any opinion in any way that I want to at any damn time I please.

Got that lefties…?