Right-winger shoots up hospital in California.Three dead.

3 Dead in California Hospital Shooting

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It just has to be a right-winger.They are gun crazy killers.


LONG BEACH, California —  A hospital worker shot and killed two employees and then killed himself at a medical center Thursday, sending panicked people fleeing, police and witnesses said.

The gunman was identified as Mario Ramirez, 50, of Alhambra, who died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said. The victims were Hugo Bustamante, 46, of Cypress, who died at the scene, and Kelly Hales, 56, of Redondo Beach, who was taken to the hospital’s emergency room in critical condition and died several hours later.

How long will it be before someone tries to tie this guy to Fox News,Glen Beck or to the right-wing?The police chief investigating is already planting the seeds.

Police Chief Anthony Batts said the gunfire erupted just before noon at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. He said the motive remained under investigation but noted the violence came amid a flurry of recent shootings in the country.

“This is a trend of active shooters that you have seen nationwide,” Batts said at a news conference. “This is becoming a national trend, probably because of the tension that’s going on in our society today.

Yes….the political tension in our society or  or the fact that Barack wanted to take away that man’s guns is probably what led to this shooting.That guy doesn’t have a clue yet to why that man committed murder but offers up some ridiculous theory.Could there be another reason?

Hospital spokeswoman Stacie Crompton-Hime said all three men worked in an outpatient pharmacy where Bustamante was the manager and Hales was the executive director. Asked if the shooting stemmed from a dispute or possible layoffs at the hospital, Crompton-Hime said there were layoffs last month but no other reductions were planned.

Ah…there you have it.The man obviously went on a killing spree because he was mad about the economy and feared that Barack Obama was going to socialize medicine and take over the health care industry and regulate pharmaceutical companies.Typical right-wing kook.

Case solved.