McCain strategist Steve Schmidt tells GOP to embrace gay marriage.Thanks Steve..we'll take it from here.

Heckuva job Steve.

Yes,That’s what will lead us to victory.Forget about stopping all the fiscal insanity or the way that Obama’s adminstration wants to put us all on a terror watch list.The GOP needs to go gay and reject all the religious conservatives who fill the ranks of the base if we want to win an election.
I guess that would be the push away your own core voters and try to lure in the people who despise you strategy for success.
Maybe we could even run more transgendered candidates.

Hmmmm….it could work.

Memo to Steve.


You sucked as a campaign manager for McCain/Palin and got destroyed by Barack Obama and now you want us all to listen to you as to how to win an election…?
Your big idea to win in 2010 and 2012 is to drive a super huge idealogical wedge right into the center of the GOP base and start a civil war in the ranks.Maybe you would like to take the Lindsey Graham approach and tell all us bigots to shut the hell up?

Are you insane man?Give me one example of how adopting more liberal views or moving towards Democrats have helped the party.That was John McCains’s whole philosophy and he got wiped out.
You don’t get it Steve.
The only thing that saved him from a total double digit rout was the fact that he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate and now you want to push her and people like her aside to go after the gay vote.
You’re crazy and I am beginning to suspect that you are a double agent planted by Howard Dean.How did he turn you?Did he blackmail you?

Another memo to Steve.

Gay marriage gets CRUSHED everywhere it gets voted on.That’s why gay lobbyists and their supporters have to go around the voters and have it legitimized by small bands of liberal judges accountable to no one.Even California voted it down and the GOP gave up that state for dead years ago.
If it can’t even pass in California then why should the GOP hang their hopes on that turkey?
Even Barack Obama won’t support gay marriage but you want the GOP to pick it up?

“If you put public policy issues to a religious test, you risk becoming a religious party,” he said. “And in a free country a political party cannot be viable in the long-term if it is seen as a sectarian party.”

Schmidt, whose sister is a lesbian and who supports same-sex marriage, said he understands the Republican Party probably won’t reverse its resistance to same-sex marriage anytime soon.

But he suggested that the party will be increasingly marginalized if it sustains that opposition long-term.

“If the party is seen as anti-gay, then that is injurious to its candidates” in Democrat-leaning and competitive states, he said.

Did I miss something…?Exactly when did the party adopt an “anti-gay” platform?Was gay marriage even discussed during the election?Who is spewing all this anti-gay rhetoric that Steve speaks of?
Was it Newt?Was it Sarah?Was it Mitt?Was it Rudy?
If I may write a third memo to Steve.
No one in the GOP is picking on gay people.We don’t even pick on Larry Craig.We just don’t believe in gay marriage.
And btw….what’s wrong with being religious?
Some of my best friends believe in God.I accept them anyways.
Listen Steve…you seem like a nice guy but maybe you need to take a break from all the help you are giving the GOP.
We’ll be fine.
You rest.

Steve,I noticed that you also had some more excellent advice for the GOP.

Schmidt also said Friday that Republicans need to reach out, not only to gay voters, but young voters and Hispanics.

Apparently running the number one supporter of amnesty that the GOP has ever seen was not reaching out enough for the hispanic community.

Hey Steve… if you come up with anymore bright ideas…like for example,restricting gun rights or legalizing drugs or maybe raising taxes to help the GOP…ahhh…keep them to yourself OK?

Can I give you some advice Steve…?
Maybe the GOP should start reaching out to it’s own base and stop trying to out-dem the Democrats.
Ah,what do I know?