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Undeterred, Somali Pirates Hijack 3 More Ships


MOMBASA, Kenya —  Undeterred by U.S. and French hostage rescues that killed seven bandits, Somali pirates brazenly hijacked three more ships in the Gulf of Aden, the key waterway that’s become the focal point of the world’s fight against piracy.

The latest trophy for the pirates was the M.V. Irene E.M., a Greek-managed bulk carrier sailing from the Middle East to South Asia, said Noel Choong, who heads the International Maritime Bureau’s piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur.

The Irene was attacked and seized in the middle of the night Tuesday — a rare tactic for the pirates.

U.S. Navy Lt. Nathan Christensen, spokesman for the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, said the Irene was flagged in the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and carried 23 Filipino crew. Choong reported a crew of 21, and there was no immediate way to reconcile the figures.

A maritime security contractor, speaking on condition of anonymity because it is a sensitive security issue, said the ship put out a distress signal “to say they had a suspicious vessel approaching. That rapidly turned into an attack and then a hijacking.”

“They tried to call in support on the emergency channels, but they never got any response,” the contractor said.On Monday, Somali pirates also seized two Egyptian fishing boats in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia’s northern coast, according to Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, which said there were 18 to 24 Egyptians onboard at the time.

This is why I have no confidence in the U.N. or too many international coalitions.They’re impotent.

Am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

All the mighty navies of the world can’t stop these little bands of peasants with motor boats from hijacking these humongous ships with crews three and four time as large as the pirate groups.All this occurred the very next day after the entire American media was going crazy over the impressive military savvy of Barack Obama because he somehow managed to take out a helpless lifeboat with two warships.

Let’s see if this makes the six o’clock news. Any guesses?