Another example of useless leftie symbolism.Connecticut lawmakers consider apology for slavery.Yaawwnnn....

Aawww,what a wonderful gesture.
Why do we have to put up with this?

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut legislators are considering making their state the first in New England to apologize for slavery and other racist policies of old.

A legislative committee heard testimony Monday on a resolution that would issue a formal, general apology and express the General Assembly’s “profound contrition” for the official acts that sanctioned and perpetuated slavery hundreds of years ago.

The state’s African-American Affairs Commission, a liaison between black communities and the government, is urging legislators to pass the resolution, which it has called “an exercise in reconciliation” and not an effort to determine fault for slavery.

The commission’s legislative analyst, Frank Sykes, told the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee that “opportunities like this must be seized,” especially in light of the “giant stride” the country took last November in electing its first black president, Barack Obama.

“While this is encouraging,” Sykes said, “it should inspire us and challenge us to continue peeling away at the layers of racial discrimination and intolerance.”

Yes,America is still suffering from the sting of slavery that is still fresh in our minds.
Excuse me for being quite blunt but I think that this is stupid and a waste of taxpayer money.
Who exactly are they apologizing to?Slavery ended over 140 years ago in this country after a long and bloody war.
The Civil War.
Some of you legislators in Connecticut may have heard of it.It was in all the papers.

This is stupid.It’s dumb.It’s nothing more than a usless feel good act that accomplishes nothing more than making some sanctimonious self righteous law makers feel superior by demonstrating what wonderful people they are.
It’s a nothing more than a show on the taxpayers dime.

I’m sorry.There is no other way to describe this and I don’t feel the need to be polite about it.When I read things like this from John A. Stewart, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Hartford who said he believes the differences between blacks and whites in the state stem from Connecticut’s participation in slavery I have no patience for his silliness.

“”Slavery has left a cultural burden on both the exploited and the exploiters that still permeates our society,” Stewart said.”

That is absolutely ridiculous and is that is not a statement he can back up with real examples.
Obviously he means the the “exploited” are black people.So I guess that means that the “exploiters” are white people I guess.
Whitey is still keeping them down apparently.

Don’t tell that to the new President of the United States because he may be under the assumption that he is the most powerful man in the world and also a black man.
With all the money he has been spending lately and all the debt he is saddling this country with I gotta’ say that I’m feeling a little exploited right about now.

Where is my apology.