To all you Ohioans who voted for Barack Obama,...witness the fruits of your labor.

Nice going Ohio.Thanks for keeping Ohio purple.

This sucks.

Thanks a lot.
When exactly is all that economic stimulus coming…?

Read it and weep Ohio.

By Benjamin Duer
CantonRep.com staff writer
Posted Mar 06, 2009 @ 10:12 PM

Plant closed. Laid off.

Lack of work.

How hungry are people for work in today’s sinking economy?

Nearly 700 people have applied for a single job as a school custodian.

Perry Local Schools have an open position — full time with benefits — at Edison Junior High School after its afternoon janitor retired. It pays $15 to $16 an hour.

$16 bucks an hour…?I haven’t worked that cheap in about 25 years.
I sure hope your hope and change is working out for you.One of you might even get that janitor job that you all covet so much.
I’ll bet the guy who gets it used to be an attorney.That would be poetic justice for the DNC,an attorney working for peanuts.
Thanks Barack.You’re doing swell.

I want you all to think about the change you have received.
Barack never defined what his “change” would be but only promised it would come.
Now you have it.
700 people standing in line for a job for a job that entails holding a broom all day and speedy drying puke.
THERE IS your change
Hope you like it..

Where is your Messiah now…?