The DNC launches official party sponsored attack against Rush Limbaugh.

This is beyond lame.

Officially attacking a private citizen has now become the official policy of the DNC.
How long before they start to advocate violence against him….?

DNC Seeking Slogan for Billboard in Rush Limbaugh’s Backyard.

You gotta’ be kiddin’ me.

Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less? The Democratic party wants to hear from you.

The Democratic National Committee is soliciting slogans for a billboard to appear in Limbaugh’s “hometown” of West Palm Beach, Fla. The lucky winner will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the winning slogan.

“Please keep your suggestion to ten words or fewer,” the request reads on the DNC’s Web site.

Damien LaVera, a DNC spokesman, told FOXNews.com that the contest is a response to Limbaugh’s desire to see President Obama fail.

“We want Rush to see the billboard,” LaVera said. “We want him and his neighbors to know this: the American people want President Obama to succeed because if the president succeeds, the country succeeds. Failure just is not an option.”

The DNC will pay the entire cost for the billboard once a winning entry has been selected in the “not too distant future,” LaVera said, adding that it was immediately unclear how entries have been received as of Friday.

So this is how the DNC wants to spend it’s money…?

This is how the DNC wants to bring unity to the country…?

Hey…this is America and if the DNC wants to go after a private citizen as a party then it’s their first amendment right I guess but in my opinion it’s pretty bleepin’ lame.

First of all they don’t even quote the man correctly.Anyone who is being honest knows that Rush didn’t just say he wants Obama to fail just for the sake of failure.

To quote him out of context is the height of dishonesty.That’s just how the DNC rolls me homey.

Here is what he said on the Sean Hannity show on Jan.

If he gets nationalized health care, I mean, it’s over, Sean. We’re never going to roll that back. That’s the end of America as we have known it because that’s then going to set the stage for everything being government owned, operated, or provided.

Why would I want that to succeed? I don’t believe in that. I know that’s not how this country is going to be great in the future, it’s not what made this country great.

So I shamelessly say, no, I want him to fail, if his agenda is a far- left collectivism, some people say socialism, as a conservative heartfelt, deeply, why would I want socialism to succeed?

What’s wrong with that.I happen to agree.

What is so wrong for hoping that Obama’s attempts to socialize this country fail?

Obama is not America and America is bigger than one man.Even if he’s a President.If I recall correctly many on their side of the aisle weren’t so polite to President Bush and opposing him at every turn was party policy.Now that they are in charge things are different I suppose.

Oh what a difference a (D) makes.

The Democrats are on a search and destroy mission against anything conservative and they ain’t pulling their punches.

If the Republicans and conservatives in this country don’t realize that they are in an idealogical war for the soul of this country then God help us all.

The Democrats aren’t trying to stab them in the back like they have done in the past.

They are going to stab them right in the chest.

Michael Steele you had better wake up.You’re sleeping at the switch and if you aren’t prepared for a knock down drag out battle then step aside and let someone else try.

To be fair to Mr. Steele however I don’t know of anybody who seems prepared to do that.