Al Franken gets stuffed in court...Ha Ha!

It couldn’t happen to a bigger clown.
I mean really.Franken puts the J in jerk.
If jerkiness was snow, he would be Alaska.
If he was a spice,he would be Jamaican jerk.
If he was an olympic event, he would be the clown and jerk.
His classification in Latin would Jerkiferus Weinercitis.
The guy is jerkeriffic.

Read it and laugh.

Minnesota Supremes rule: No U.S. Senate election certificate for Franken.

The Minnesota Supreme Court today decided that Democrat Al Franken has no right to an election certificate — which would pave the way for Franken to immediately join the U.S. Senate — before the end of Republican Norm Coleman’s court case.

“We conclude that neither state nor federal law requires issuance of a certificate of election before the election contest is completed; we deny the petition,” the Supreme Court wrote in a unanimous opinion released today.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a Democrat and Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, have said that state law bars a Senate candidate from receiving an election certificate when there is a contested election.

The decision comes as Coleman and Franken are still wrangling in court over who got the most votes in the long-running race. Franken has a 225-vote lead.

Oh please God…I can accept four years of Obama.I’m strong.I can survive.
Just please give me this one thing to help me get through it.
Send that creep Al Franken back to obscurity where he belongs.
I promise to be good.