Obama is the new Nixon

He even has an enemies list.
This is unbelievable to me.
The Obama administration is specifically targeting an individual American citizen as an enemy.
It’s Rush Limbaugh.
They are going after him specifically and laughing about it.
The Politico has an excellent article about this.
You need to read it.
It made my blood boil.
The White House spokesman Robert Gibbs actually laughed about the way the White House was targeting Rush Limbaugh.

The big uniter my ass.
Look…Rush can stick up for himself as he has his own show but the way that the Barack Obama is specifically targeting anyone who criticizes him is a little Stalin-like if you ask me.
His little bitch lap dog Rahm Emanuel is coordinating with the forehead Paul Begala and the ragin’ retard Jim Carville along with their media whore little George Stephanopoulos to ridicule Barack’s critics.

Here is how I see it
When he goes after Limbaugh he is going after me.
The reason I like Limbaugh is because he thinks like I do.
He speaks my words and he is my voice.
Barack Obama wants to silence me.He wants to silence me and anyone who thinks like me.
That mofo is pissing me off.
I want him to fail.