Dear Diary.....

Dear Diary,
As I write this today you can find me well.
Good news!I have received a package from my beloved Michelle Malkin.The postman has returned to me all the letters that I have sent to her for safe keeping here with me no doubt.Our love is a secret and I know she must be careful as she is betrothed to another. She has sent them back unopened (what a scallywag) and delightfully teases me with a playful writ of cease and desist to keep up appearances.She can be such an imp sometimes.I treasure her sense of humor.It lifts my spirits.
I will guard her privacy fiercely as I have promised her and the local Constable at my hearing.Well…mostly just the Constable.He has told me that he too has fears for her safety as well.
Sadly that is the only way that we can be near each other.
There have also been concerns for my safety expressed. It has been relayed to me through her agents that she was being watched and to approach her now could bode ill for my health.I was told that she was very worried about me.
It did my heart well.I always knew she cared for me.
It is possible that we may never be together again.They were of the opinion that there is slim chance and that I should abandon this pursuit.I was filled with grief.
I know her heart was heavy too as I saw the pained look on her face as our eyes met while I was led away from her.She was crying.
Be brave my sweet Michelle.I will not give up.

I am walking on air but still my heart is troubled as I feel an ever growing sense of uneasiness over the direction of our wonderful nation.
Today I read in the daily journal of how our new President Barack Obama plans to give up our missile defense shield in Eastern Europe in exchange for some cooperation from Russia in dealing with Iran.I pray he was counseled wisely and this gesture will bear fruit.Although I may be riddled with skepticism I am hopeful that his policy of change will convince those that we have pushed away to regard us once again in high favor. If we can only show the world we mean them no harm I am filled with optimism that those we have provoked with our unbridled imperialism and aggression will lay down their arms and return to their quaint and peaceful ways of the past free from our arrogance.
I have been told many times that Mr. Obama is a man of amazing talent and his mere presence is enough to sooth the troubled waters with sweet diplomacy.I am certain that our new friends the Russians are eager to demonstrate their trustworthiness to us.All will be well.

In other matters, sober necessity has encouraged me to tighten my beltstrap a notch or two as my economic fortunes have taken a turn for the worst.I guard my pennies with a fervor and must live a more frugal existence as opportunities for gainful employment have become ever more scarce.I have learned to live on much more meager means and have had to forsake the luxuries of meat and martini.I feel a twinge of sadness as I often pass the butcher shop filled with yearn for his meaty comestibles and the Rib of Prime.They mock me as they dangle seductively in his window just beyond my hungered reach.I am longing as well for the vibrant intoxicating fluids of the dirty Goose of Grey that cruel financial providence has put beyond my reach.

I am however in high spirits as there is talk in the city of jobs and work.Enough for everybody soon to arrive as the government has seen fit to aid our wretched souls.I pray that I am a worthy candidate to receive this most stimulating generosity.
I cannot be proud and if need be I must accept a position beneath my standards of the past as they are now just a faint memory of my glory days of yore.My only fear is that I may not be judged as a man of ample stock by my new taskmaster and may be passed over for those of a more urban tinge and forced to fend for myself in this increasingly ever harsher climate.It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as I am forced to to now appeal for scraps to sustain myself in this new America
Such change.

Much has been lost but I must hold on to my humble homestead that shelters me from the cold of this harsh and unforgiving winter.I can only hope that salvation and rescue are on the way.Should I lose my grasp on these simple walls that surround me I shall be driven out into a churning ocean of uncertainty as if I am the captain of a sinking vessel desperately in need of a bailout. I will batten down my hatches,ride out this tempest and wait for the warming that we have been told will arrive very soon and spread across the globe.I pray they are right.

There is on the horizon another daunting challenge that soon I must face.As certain as the birds of spring will chirp their care free melodies the tax collector will soon arrive upon my stoop in search of his yearly remittance.The caretakers of our Democracy have asked us all to sacrifice in this our time of national crisis and I have heard tell that it will take more than ever to fill his outstretched hand.I am a proud patriot of course and will do my duty to country as I am certain that our brave leadership will set the example by opening wide their own purse strings most assuredly.
This I know because it has been told to us by President Obama’s most able bodied and trusted companion in service,his Vice President.A man who calls home the orange hued depots of Delaware.A man named Joseph Biden Jr.
I know not much of this man except of what I read from our trusted journal.They remark at what a knowledgeable and well spoken man of incredible talent he is.
I am told that he personally will oversee our struggle filled journey to more prosperous times.
I feel a growing sense of hope to know that such a capable man will be the steward of our recovery.
God Bless President Obama and his wisdom.
I feel a new day will soon dawn on our long night of despair.

The wax has burnt long and fatigue stalks me with a hunter’s gait.I shall secure my ink and lay down my quill to allow the tale of my arduous day to dry and record my memories to paper.
Goodnight my silent witness.