An open letter to Michael Steele and Eric Cantor.

First things first.


I am not trying to be disrespectful to either of you two gentlemen and we appreciate your hard work of course but may I offer some of what I feel to be some helpful criticism and some good advice as a humble private citizen.

For the love of God will you please stand up for the party and stop running from your own base.

I am speaking specifically of the way that both of you have seemed to run away from what Rush Limbaugh said about wanting Barack Obama’s socialist policies to fail.
I watched your recent responses on T.V. regarding his statement and it seemed that you two could not get away from the man fast enough.
The next time some stupid reporter asks you what you think of what Rush Limbaugh said about Barack Obama you look that guy in straight in the eye and say this:

“Rush Limbaugh is an American citizen and he is entitled to say whatever he wants about Barack Obama.”
Then ask the reporter if they have a problem with free speech.
Next, when they ask you if you agree with what he said you tell that reporter this:

“I promise to support Barack Obama just as much if not more than the way that Barack Obama,Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and for that matter the entire Democratic party has supported George Bush over the last few years.”

Then you ask that reporter if he has a problem with that.
Since most reporters seem to love to put their own opinion into every story the report they should jump at the chance.
Try it just once.Turn the tables on them and ask them a question.
Ask them who they voted for.
Ask them what party they belong to.
Ask them if they earn more than $250,000 a year.
Ask them what they think of George Bush or if they voted for Bill Clinton.
Ask them what they think about abortion.

Any one of those questions will have them reeling back and stuttering instantly and I doubt they will answer it.
Ah…but their reaction will answer your question and all who are watching will see it laid bare.
Get in their face.Push back.You are not being interrogated for Pete’s sake.
Don’t worry about being polite with them.
Secretly they hate your guts and you need to realize that.
You will never get a fair shake from them so don’t worry about ruffling their feathers a little.
Put them in their place.They are nothing more than candy ass T.V. models working for the DNC.
Make them look like a fool once in a while.
How could it hurt?

I also have noticed that when they ask you and other Republicans certain questions that you do not have a good answer ready and start backtracking away form core principles of the party.

For example :”Tax cuts for the rich”
Let’s face it.Pundits know that they can tag you with that question at any time and you have no response and they make you look silly.

Try saying this.
“Of course I support tax cuts for the rich you jackass.Who do you think puts people to work in this country….?The poor?
Then ask them if someone wants a good job should they turn to a wealthy man or go to a public housing project and which may be more fruitful.
Wealthy people put this country to work.Poor people do not.
Why are you ashamed to admit that?
Whenever you tax the rich even higher you are killing a job somewhere.
Now you simply turn back to the pundit or reporter and ask them if they support putting somebody out of work.
Ask them who will spend that money better and put it into the private sector faster and more efficiently.
The federal govt. or a private businessman?
You guys need to realize that small business owners work very hard for their money and you need to protect them from the govt.
Will you please stick up for them with a little vigor?
One small businessman can put 30 people to work with good jobs but if those “wealthy” or “rich” people get over taxed by the govt. someone is going to be unemployed.

Remember this.
EVERYBODY wants to be rich.
We all do.What’s so bad about that?This is America.It’s the land of opportunity and the land of the free.It’s not the land of the free lunch.
Why are you so ashamed to stick up for rich people?
What is so great about being poor?
Being poor sucks.
Keep in mind that the person asking you about “tax cuts for the rich” is no doubt a millionaire themself or will soon be.
T.V. people make big bucks and it is the height of hypocrisy for them to be criticizing the rich as if they aren’t themselves or rub elbows with them all day long.
You want to keep in mind that the senior leadership of the DNC are ALL MILLIONAIRES!!!!
Some many times over.

Here is another little tidbit I think may be helpful.
Stop worrying about every little thing that might offend somebody.
It’s a false premise.Those people aren’t really offended but merely pretend to be to push you into a corner.
Nobody offends more people than a liberal.If you’re a Christian or pro-life,in the military or a Republican,if you like Christmas or traditional American customs and cultures or supported George Bush it will be a liberal that will attack you without shame.
When has it ever cost them?
Barack Obama spent twenty years in a church that makes a KKK rally look like a Scout jamboree.Harry Reid said the war in Iraq was lost.John Kerry called the troops stupid.John Mutha called his own constituents rednecks.Their whole damn party tried to tank the war in Iraq just for political gain.They disgust me.
Don’t worry about it.
Liberal offense is just a tactic that they use to corner you and make you backtrack.
Be ready for it and stop apologizing .
It’s embarrassing when I have to watch you guys always apologizing.Tell someone to shut up once in a while.
Stand up be proud of who you are and your party and do not let some stupid reporter get the best of you on camera.

Let me tell you a little about myself.
I work very hard and own my own home.I want to keep every penny I can and I don’t like to give it to the govt. so they can just give it away like I am an open ATM machine.
In 2000 and 2004 I gave George Bush and the GOP hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
In 2006 after watching John McCain and Lindsey Graham basically call me a bigot because I didn’t want to open the border to Mexico and make millions of illegals instant citizens my generosity came to an end.
I don’t think I was the only one.
The GOP has betrayed it’s core.
It’s true.
You guys need to get with the program and stop picking my pocket.
My point is that the GOP shouldn’t just assume that they have my support,my money or my vote all locked up.
You don’t.
The next time I gave money was when John McCain nominated Sarah Palin for V.P.
I sent $100 that very night.I voted for McCain but I was holding my nose when I did.
The guy wasn’t floating my boat if you get my drift.
Definitely not my first choice.

Just recently I received a fundraising letter from Sen. Jim DeMint.
I sent it back empty except for a note that I enclosed that basically said “When you show me something worth paying for I will send some money but If you wish to be a RINO then I can have a Democrat for free.”
I did.
I’m not joking.

This is my point.
I am a Republican of the Ronald Reagan party.I loved the Gingrich revolution and the Contract with America.I am proud of my country and support our troops and their mission.I want our borders secure and my taxes low.
I am not embarrassed by Sarah Palin.I adore the woman and was very disappointed in the way she was left hanging by her own party.
Whatever happened to guts and chivalry…?
You guys dropped the ball.
The GOP owes her a huge apology.

Remember this.
Anytime that the GOP moves closer the the DNC my wallet closes just a little bit tighter.
I do not want bi-partisanship if it means surrender to the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the rest of that band of thieves.
I will not support anyone who wishes to support them either.

You need to decide which party you work for if you want my vote or my money.
RINO’s get ZERO!!!!

Thank you and have a good day.