2 Mice Carrying Plague Disappear From New Jersey Lab.Don't worry...it's probably nothing.


I wouldn’t worry.

2 Mice Carrying Plague Disappear From New Jersey Lab, FBI Says No Public Health Risk”

Saturday, February 07, 2009

TRENTON, N.J. — The frozen remains of two mice injected with the organism that causes plague have not been accounted for seven weeks after being discovered missing at a University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey facility in Newark, the university said Friday.

Ahhhh….I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere.

The FBI investigated and determined there was no risk to public health or any indication of the terrorist link.

Oh that just makes me feel so much better.As we all know that if there was a risk to the public the FBI would let us know…wouldn’t they.If the incident isn’t very serious then why was the FBI called in the first place?Apparently it bothered somebody now didn’t it?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also investigated after the Dec. 19 discovery that mice were missing. A CDC spokesman had no immediate information on the status of its investigation.Dr. David Perlin, director of the research institute, said the experiment was part of a National Institutes of Health bioterrorism program to test a vaccine for plague. The infectious disease often caused by bites from rodent fleas is of interest to researchers because of its potential for use by bioterrorists.

Now what would give them that idea?

Al Qaeda terrorists have been left fearing the Black Death plague after it wiped out at least 40 insurgents at an Algerian training camp, it was reported today.
The horror disease, which killed 25 million people in medieval Europe, is understood to have been found in a militant’s body dumped at a roadside.

They could have caught it from a toilet seat.I can’t recommend those paper seat cover things enough.You don’t want to spread germs you know.

Does this sort of thing happen alot you may ask….?At least once before.

It wasn’t the first time plague-infected mice have disappeared from the New Jersey facility. Four years ago, in September 2005, three live mice infected with bubonic plague bacteria disappeared from various cages. Officials later said they believed the rodents had died.

Live mice…carrying black death. Real nice.
That’s some real good security they got there.I had a hamster when I was a kid once but I don’t recall him ever escaping on his own.Maybe they could spring for a few sticky traps near the door…you know,just in case.

So what the hell happened to those dead mice?Where did they go?Does anyone know?

Perlin said when mice die during an experiment, they are double bagged, labeled then sprayed with a disinfectant before being placed in a freezer for storage, where they are kept for the duration of the research. Afterward, the bagged remains are sterilized then shipped off site for incineration.
“Any time you are putting something wet in the freezer, there’s a chance bags can stick together, and frequently they do,” he said of the disinfectant-sprayed bags.

So what’s he saying…?That someone was tossing out an old Seal-A-Meal chicken chun-king and the bio-hazard bag with the dead mice ended up in the dumpster with it?
Well I guess that settles that.

“Hey Rahji..you see those plague infested mice around lately…?”
“I am not of seeing them at this time.Perhaps you can ask the sanitation man.Veddy good Veddy good.
Thank you. Come again.”

Keep up the good work boys.