How come no one ever talks about CHINA'S nuclear arsenal?


The hell with North Korea and Iran.Let’s talk about someone with some real nuclear might.

It’s like the truth that no one dare speak.
Did you know that China is on a mission to expand it’s military with upgrades to it’s nuclear and conventional arsenal to correspond to the “needs of winning a war”?
Did you know that China has long range missiles capable of hitting almost any target in the world?
Did you know that China has a modern nuclear attack submarine fleet and has been steadily increasing it’s patrols?Are you aware of China’s growing confidence on the world stage while showing firm commitment to further military modernization and to suppressing “splittism” in Taiwan, even at a time of warming ties.

Are you concerned.Well you should be. China is rapidly becoming one of the worlds strongest militaries and they seem to have some goals in mind.

Let’s take them one at a time.
1.Increasing it’s arsenal.
China to build up arsenal

China will strengthen the build-up of its nuclear and conventional arsenal to meet the needs of a winning war.
BEIJING – CHINA will accelerate the build-up of its nuclear and conventional arsenal to form a credible deterrent, the general in charge of the country’s strategic missile force said.
‘We will accelerate the building of our nuclear and conventional combat strength,’ said Jing Zhiyuan, the commander of the Second Artillery Corp, in an article he co-wrote for the authoritative journal Qiushi published on Sunday.
‘We will strengthen the build-up of combat systems and improve the training of high-quality
personnel,’ said the article.
China will also develop ‘a nuclear and conventional missile force corresponding to the needs of winning a war’ in conditions changed by modern information technology, it said.

What war…?I hope we don’t find out.

2. China has long range missiles capable of hitting almost any target in the world?

The administration of the Chinese Communist Party set a goal during the 1990s to create the missile and nuclear forces of China which would match the nation’s position in the world. China’s missile troops have been through a number of significant changes during the recent decade. Spokespeople for the Chinese administration say that the nation’s missile troops were now based on information technologies. To put it in a nutshell, China is now capable of striking even the USA.

Why would they want to do that….?I thought we were buddies.

China had nuclear forces before as well, but they have been united now. They include missile troops, nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles and a space surveillance group. Thus, China is now capable of striking Russia, the USA and Europe.

That sure makes me feel comfy.

3.China has a modern nuclear attack submarine fleet and has been steadily increasing it’s patrols?

WASHINGTON – CHINA nearly doubled the number of patrols by its fleet of attack submarines last year, surpassing Russia but still far behind the United States, the Federation of American Scientists reported on Tuesday.

They may not have as many patrols as the U.S. bit they have outpaced Russia who used to be the U.S.’s main rival under the waves.
These aren’t old,loud and greasy clunkers either.

The patrols may have been carried out by just the most modern and capable types of submarines in the Chinese fleet, the report said, noting that a new class of nuclear-powered Shang-class attack submarines is replacing the aging Han-class.

It sort of makes you wonder exactly where they are getting all that high tech technology.

4. China has eyes on Taiwan.

China-Taiwan ties have drastically improved since the Kuomintang party’s Ma Ying-jeou, an advocate for economic ties with the mainland, became the island’s president last May. China and Taiwan have opened direct air and shipping lines and Taiwan last week gained a communication link with the World Health Organization after years of China blocking its entry.

But the paper still labeled independence movements in Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang as primary threats to national security. “These problems all touch on our nationalities’ fundamental interests and core national interests. On this question there can be no compromise and no concessions,” Hu, the spokesman, said. Hu evaded the question when asked whether China would remove some of its more than 1,000 missiles pointed at Taiwan.

Beijing has claimed Taiwan as its sovereign territory since the Chinese Communist Party won a civil war in 1949 and the Kuomintang fled to the island. It has repeated promises to achieve reunification, by force if needed.

That’s no secret brother.
China has been eating it’s Wheaties and lately they they seem to care who knows.
They are patient,determined and serious about becoming one of the worlds great superpowers and they have the economic and industrial base to back it up.
It could be that they have been biding their time and waiting for a weak President to make a move on Taiwan.
They will watch and see how Obama and a pacifist Congress deals with Iran and North Korea to see if he can be taken advantage of and if they see an opportunity they might go for it.
If they try with Obama in office I wonder if he has the moxy to push back.
I’m not too certain.If Obama won’t even confront Sean Hannity then how will he stand up to the Chinese…?