NYT's. Opposition to amnesty means you're an angry radical redneck Klansman.

I don’t know who wrote this article as they have wisely made sure that no name can be attached to for it’s ridiculousness.
This is an editorial by the the very credible NYT’s in which it drags out just about every single racial and political negative stereotype aimed at Republicans and their cornpone,gun totin’ hillbilly redneck base.It is nothing more than an I hate Republicans and any one like them laundry list of statement after statement that the author makes no effort whatsoever to qualify or back up.
Check out the title.

The Nativists Are Restless

Prepare to have your blood boil.

Here is the first shot across the bow.

The relentlessly harsh Republican campaign against immigrants has always hidden a streak of racialist extremism. Now after several high-water years, the Republican tide has gone out, leaving exposed the nativism of fringe right-wingers clinging to what they hope will be a wedge issue.

Whoah…where did that come from…?

Relentlessly harsh? After such a bold and rather extreme statement you assume that the very next paragraph would provide some context or evidence to back that up.If you did you would be sadly disappointed.

The author then goes on to cite the basis of this right-wing cesspool of of burning rage by citing a report by a group called the American Cause in which all of the author’s points are merely the authors interpretation of the report in which the author provides no context from the report itself.You’ll just have to take the NYT’S word for it.

Last week at the National Press Club in Washington, a group seeking to speak for the future of the Republican Party declared that its November defeats in Congressional races stemmed not from having been too hard on foreigners, but too soft.

The group, the American Cause, released a report arguing that anti-immigration absolutism was still the solution for the party’s deep electoral woes, actual voting results notwithstanding. Rather than “pander to pro-amnesty Hispanics and swing voters,” as President Bush and Karl Rove once tried to do, the report’s author, Marcus Epstein, urged Republicans to double down on their efforts to run on schemes to seal the border and drive immigrants out.

Oh yeah…let’s stampede those brown types to the border…Yeeehaah!!!

From now on I will refer to the author as “they”.
What the hell are they talking about…?The last time I checked not only did the last Republican President try to ram amnesty down our throats the last Republican Presidential candidate was leading the charge.Oh yeah..I almost forgot about the massive,huge throngs of illegals demonstrating in the streets all over America that was on my television for days.
Apparently that is how the NYT’s describes “schemes to seal the border”.

Want to talk about Yeehaah…?There may have been a stampede but it was headed north pardner.
Then they go on to claim how the public has already decided that they support amnesty completely and totally forgetting the absolute firestorm that that killed the bill.Toss in a few unsupported conclusions as well.

This is nonsense, of course. For years Americans have rejected the cruelty of enforcement-only regimes and Latino-bashing, in opinion surveys and at the polls. In House and Senate races in 2008 and 2006, “anti- amnesty” hard-liners consistently lost to candidates who proposed comprehensive reform solutions. The wedge did not work for single-issue xenophobes like Lou Barletta, the mayor of Hazleton, Pa., or the former Arizona Congressman J. D. Hayworth. Nor did it help any of the Republican presidential candidates trying to defeat the party’s best-known voice of immigration moderation, John McCain, for the nomination.

I don’t recall Congress asking my opinion on the subject or anyone else for that matter.I guess I want amnesty and didn’t realize it.
I think that by now you are getting the flavor of the article.
If you oppose amnesty you are some backwater hick racist and that’s just a fact.
I won’t paste the whole article as it is lengthy and you can just read it yourselves but I will leave you with just one more choice quote.

It is easy to mock white-supremacist views as pathetic and to assume that nativism in the age of Obama is on the way out. The country has, of course, made considerable progress since the days of Know-Nothings and the Klan. But racism has a nasty habit of never going away, no matter how much we may want it to, and thus the perpetual need for vigilance.

What the hell was that…?
You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves you damn racists.