Ron Paul, his Supporters, and his Over Inflated Ego

My first diary, here goes:
Perhaps nothing is more annoying than Ron Paul supporters. No, I don’t mean if you support Ron Paul you are annoying. I am referring to Ron Paul supporters who consider him the Messiah of American politics, who infest the internet with their mindless Ron Paul spam, and who find unconvincing (yet creative) ways to justify his every action.

Let’s first discuss the man himself. As anyone here will tell you, he’s got some ok ideas, but he’s got some really bad ones to make up for it. The fact is he is NOT a Republican: He is a Libertarian. Republicanism and Libertarianism share many of the same ideas, which is why he runs as a Republican, but they are sharply different on many issues as well. While I don’t say everyone should strictly adhere to a party line, he diverges far too much for me to justify voting for him.

Now lets talk about the students, conspiracy theorists, and every other crazy who supports him. Somehow they are convinced that by giving youtube videos of Ron Paul thousands of likes, they are going to bring him to the office of president, he’s been able to use the internet as a valuable tool (this is the one place I can write this without getting harassed by a mob of his supporters), but its obnoxious and does not translate to his direct success. Aside from that his supporters will blindly follow whatever he says. For example, I strongly support Rick Perry, but I will be the  first to criticize him on his immigration policies as governor of Texas. The only legitimacy of Ron Paul’s crazy ideas is the millions of supporters rushing to justify them. While it has been amusing at times seeing my liberal friends (who support Ron Paul) defend his views on eliminating entitlements and installing a 10% flat tax, it just gets scary sometimes how this man can brainwash people.

Yet if you ever argue with a Ron Paul supporter, one argument you will always hear is “that’ll never pass.” While we must always consider the realistic viability of legislation, you cannot just say “it’ll never pass” to waive off his crazy ideas. Why are you supporting a man who has ideas so disagreeable to you, that your only defense is a hope that it will not pass?  Just the other day I was talking with a socially liberal but otherwise conservative acquaintance about Ron Paul and the conversation went like this: You support non-denominational prayers in schools? “Don’t worry that’ll never pass!” You think getting rid of the CIA  would make us safer? “Congress will never allow that!” You support widespread legalization of Marijuana, Heroin, and Prostitution? “Congress would never pass something like that!” No, when you elect someone to enforce your laws, you better be more concerned on if he believes things similar to you, not if his name stars with a Ron and ends in a Paul.

Finally lets cover this man’s ego. Ron Paul is an elitist. He believes that because he can quote the Constitution, everyone else’s interpretations are wrong. And yes I say interpretations because no one doubts the Constitution, they simply are not strict textualists like Ron Paul and interpret it differently. Here’s a nice quote for Ron Paul: “while the Constitution protects against invasions of individual rights, it is not a suicide pact.” While I respect all interpretations, following the Constitution to its letter to the death, does not make you morally superior to another candidate.

Then he’s the first to tell us how “pure” he is. Well, that tends to happen when you preach to the choir in a homogenous, remote district of Texas. When you run for real executive experience like a governor, there’s suddenly more scrutiny applied to you and you’re under pressure to appease a more varied population. Becoming a leader in the GOP primary means Ron Paul is suddenly put under the spotlight, this isn’t a single district where everyone agrees with you. When you actually run for this office, people look at your “pure past” and find a lot of “impure, racist newsletters.” And suddenly the “one honest politician” in our country is forced to lie about his newsletters when put under the least bit scrutiny on a national level. He is just a politician.

And yet despite all this, he thinks he is a gift to all mankind. His supporters who, instead of leaving him when they found out his racist past, defended him and even justified what he wrote, just make things worse. He thinks everyone loves him. Apparently even if he loses the GOP primary he won’t get the message that THE GOP DOES NOT WANT HIM, he’ll try to run as an independent and mess up the election because in his eyes, the country needs Ron Paul, even if no one wants him.

All in all, I consider much of a presidential campaign besides the political positions and for said reasons, Ron Paul will not have my vote and hopefully can take himself and his fan club elsewhere.