Conservatives, Step Back From The Ledge

O.K., we took a beating.  Hell, we got pummeled.  Obama and his colleagues took every bit of conservative conventional wisdom (and even some liberal conventional wisdom), turned it on its head, and smacked us silly with it.  In one night, we lost the White House, lost seats in the Senate; we did take some governorships, and yes, held the House of Representatives, but lost Allen West and Mia Love, among others.

Welcome to the woodshed.

O.K., now that the self-flagellation is done (for the time being), get up and walk it off.

We lost.  It happens.

As a sports fan, I take these losses in stride.  Take University of Michigan football.  In 2008, we were horrendous.  The worst in a generation or two. (The same year, Obama won the presidency.  Double gut punch.)  It took a few years for Michigan to get back on its feet. We have lost three games this season, may lose a couple more…but most fans feel we are on the way back.  We went through a lot of strife, but we are on the right trajectory.

During the bad years, when others asked why we were confident everything would be o.k. in the long run, there was a simple meme: Simple:  WE ARE MICHIGAN.

This is the same as the conservative movement today.  Yes, we lost.  Yes, Barack Obama has found a weakness in our defenses, exploited it, and gone on to victory twice.  Congratulations to him.

But if time has told us anything, it is this:  we are conservatives.  We look to the long haul.  We believe more in the long term trends than short term pandering and payoffs.  We understand the fight for our nation is perpetual, from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother to child.

I congratulate Democrats today.  They fought hard, and beat us.  Simple as that.

But the fight for the heart and soul of this nation goes on.  One election, even two, doesn’t change that.  Did the four terms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt end the opposition?  Did the country falter after two horrible terms of Richard Nixon?  Did two terms of Bill Clinton end the conservative movement?  No…and neither will two terms of Barack Obama.   No one man, even one President, can destroy this nation.  I hope Obama gets smarter, and starts to realize the damage he is doing.  If not, then we will fix it in the future.  It may be painful, but that is what this country does; it learns, progresses, corrects, and moves on.

So lift your chins a little higher today.  We fought the good fight.  We lost; life is that way sometimes.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to force you to hang your heads in shame.  We fought for love of country, not revenge, and that is what we should do today and in the days forward.  Learn from what we did right, and what we did wrong.  We get up on our feet, dust ourselves off, and live to fight for another day.

Because we are conservatives…that is what we do.

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