Obama' Budget? Lipstick on a Pig...

Now, the lines are drawn.

Mr. Obama has laid out his ‘plan’, which was much less a plan than simple drivel, containing mostly political vitriol and hate.  He spent the time distorting and demagoguing conservative plans to solve the budgetary issues.  Basically, this was a 2012 campaign speech, and nothing more.  As Jake Tapper of ABC News called it, it was Obama’s “Throw Momma From the Train”speech.

This entire episode reminds me of the ‘lipstick on the pig’ nonsense from 2008…and I can’t get it out of my head.  Obama’s speech today?  The definition of putting lipstick on a pig.  There simply was nothing in the speech that was worthwhile, whatsoever.

Paul Ryan stated his clear amazement of the political nature of the President’s speech on Mark Levin’s show yesterday.  It can be heard here.  Not only did Ryan have to sit in the front row listening to the President call him basically unAmerican, but he did so after thinking that Obama would hold out an olive branch in order to move the process forward.

But never understimate the stupidity and ideological purity of this President and his White House.  He wants to be thought of as a pragmatist, but he is nothing of the sort.  What is less pragmatic than inviting the lead negotiator for the Republicans for the upcoming budget talks, and insulting him on a national stage?  Obama is a liberal ideologue, one who comfortably belongs on DailyKos or Huffington Post.  He is no moderate, no friend of independents.

Frankly, we should never, ever expect anything profound from Mr. Obama ever again.  His speech basically abdicated all responsibility for the budget, deficit, and debt forever.  Obama had the opportunity to stake his claim on the first responsible President since Reagan.  He could have made the grand compromise, to cure our entitlements of their ills and protect them for the next generation.  But this President didn’t even default to his old standby and vote ‘Present’; this time, he simply passed on the whole discussion all together.

No President in recent times has avoided the largest issue of his Presidency all together.   Not Reagan, nor either Bush, nor even Bill Clinton.  Mr. Obama?  He would rather act as a petulant child.

Mr. Obama has drawn a line in the sand.  Basically,  no reform, no change, nothing but the status quo when it comes to entitlements.  His only solution to our fiscal crisis is raising taxes; not tax reform, mind you, but simply raising taxes.  What he calls cuts, in fact, are also tax increases.  There are no real cuts in anything he suggests.  And most of the cuts he takes credit for were in his Obamacare program…which we know were cuts that were smoke and mirrors only.

He has, for once, shown America what he is:  a profound and idealistic liberal, and nothing more.  That is the platform he wishes to take into 2012.  So be it.  If the American public wants such a vacuous leader in the White House, I say we give it to them.  It is time to have the grand debate.  Conservatives for decades have asked for an all out discussion of the merits of conservatism and liberalism, of small versus large government.  The one great thing to come out of Obama’s complete incompetence is that he is giving us the opportunity to have that debate.

And let the American people choose, once and for all.

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